POTM Starting Again..And What's this FOTM????

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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


That's right Picture of the Month is back, I've neglected it for the past months as I've been so busy I've just been trying to keep the basic news and files going with polls and PotD's and Featured Files, but now I'm more organised and the PotM is back, I will do Octobers one by tommorow for definate and I have a new feature to add to the site.

Just like PotM, we will be having File of the Month, like File of the Week but that's my own choice, the FotM will be up to you decided by a poll with the best rated and downloaded files in the last month, a test of this will be done this week for the files in October. The results will be posted in the same way as they have been with the PotM so anyone with new files make sure to follow the new File Submission Guidelines set out here and will also be posted as a link on the left hand menu.

We're still live and kicking!


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