Rhovanion Alliance Design Contest

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Published by Thundgot 12 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
CONTEST!!! The highly anticipated BFME 1 modification, the Rhovanion Alliance has a new design contest:

Erebor Heraldry Contest

As with a number of decentralized military and economic structures, the Dwarven realm of Erebor is divided into a large number of families or clans that cooperate and unite in times of war. Different families would specialize in different areas, such as stonework, smithing or even weaving. To incorporate this into the Rhovanion Alliance Mod, Erebor Castles will have a unique set of heraldry symbolizing the families that would have been involved in the construction of this unified military outpost. This is where the public (eg YOU) comes in. The objective of this contest is to define the symbology of these important Dwarven families. Participants can submit designs which represent a family. This could be for a banner, a watermark, a tapestry, a sculpture, a carved mural. It could also be a simple design to be worked into all items related to the family. Essentially, we are looking for a coat of arms. I would like to stress that artistic skill here is not important. The winning designs will probably be manipulated significantly to fit in with the rest of Erebor, they will be modified to fit on stonework, woodwork and banners. Therefore, spend some time on the design itself instead of worrying about shininess (unless you're good at that kind of thing). At the contest end date, around two weeks from now, we will have a week of voting, where you will vote for your favorite designs. More details will be issued closer to that date. Depending on the number of submissions we get, we will be asking you to vote for between two and five of the best designs, which will then make it into the art of the Erebor Castle and some buildings. You'll be in the mod! You'll be famous! You'll... win the prize! Contest Rules: * Do NOT submit designs ripped from other people on the Internet. Chances are I've already seen it and will know. Then my wrath will be terrible, and my retribution swift. * As follows, submit only your own work * You may submit more than one design # Post and discuss submissions in the Contest Thread in the Rhovanion Alliance Discussion Forum. Some Tips. * Submissions can be of any dimensions, but preferably at least 250x250 px * Erebor color schemes tend towards the use of bright primary colors, blue, red and green. * Erebor insignia at the moment use many angular elements. * If you are really keen, you could submit a primary design, and subvariations of it, for example a primary banner and a crest that might mark, say, all weapons forged by this clan. Enter contest here: http://forums.revora.net/index.php?showtopic=55625&view=getnewpost Btw, guest posting is turned off on our forums (we're part of the Revora/The3rdAge forums). If you really can't be bothered to register... just post here.
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