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Published by Digz 16 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Predator has just been revitalised and is back to the Rotwk community, check out what he had to say: [Quote]Hey guys, First off, my honest sincere apologies on my extended absence from the forums in such a critical time. Between the Holidays and gearing up C&C 3 community community events in December, my time got completely sucked and was not dedicated enough to the community that needs me the most right now. So, with that said, the most common comments on the forums i've seen thus far in relation to balance: -Axe Throwers are ridiculously over-powered -Archers are over powered and have too great of range -Heroe Hordes feel useless - Infantry and Hero units should not be able to attack walls And the biggest one of all... Put the Patch 1.05 changes back in. Here's the deal, Rise of the Witch-king is a very different game than BFME II in terms of factions, new units, and Angmar. We cannot just mirror copy patch 1.05 in to the game, that would break a lot more than do good, trust me That said, we CAN take the most important changes from 1.05 and balance them in, and the number of changes is not limited, we just can't directly copy changes over. They have to be tested and balanced. For Patch 1.01, I'd like to take the most critical balance changes from 1.05 and apply them to 1.01 ROTWK. So, what do you guys think are the most critical BFMEII Patch 1.05 balance changes that should be balanced into ROTWK 1.01? And lastly, please stay away from the C&C 3 forums and ignore all war, etc, I am telling them the same, it will make our community endeavors and support a lot easier! Please speak your mind, -Predator[/Quote] Please make all your suggestions here and I'll submit them to the EA forums and to him. Digz
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