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The Battle For Middle Earth Gondor vs Gondor Strat name: 2 no-upgrades knights for fast GTW. Map: Fords of Isen Location/Position: Left Side Power Point Route Heal --> GTW --> EW --> Rohirrims (for destroying buildings purposes, and trebs.) Eagles --> AoD Elves --> Cloudbrake. Build Order Get Pip 2 farms inside 2 farms outside 1 farm inside 1 stable 1 farm inside 2 knights 1 BS Destroy stable after 2 knights All farms inside. (Knights should be creeping and hit and run on enemy...keep them alive.) Destroy 1 farm (preferably the last made.) Build Market (Knights keep hitting enemy farms and building settlements....non stop.) Get grandharvest (all farms inside yield more money..esp if there level 2.) Get Gandi...(no matter if hes grey or white.) Destroy 1 farm (the newest build) Build stable (again) Get total 3 knights (At this time ....your GTW is attacking hit and run ....on enemy units and buildings = GTW is leveling up also the knights.) (Also ...try to get the outpost near your castle to protect it from enemy or he will build there...build 3 BS.) Get the outpost north of enemy castle if youre in position 1 ( south of enemy if youre position 2.) if you upgraded all your units. Build: 1 heal pool, 1 Archery, 1 Workshop (Enemy will concentrate his forces to attack this outpost...so try to protect it.) Build 4 archers and get fire. Build 4 trebs and get fire...then all trebs. Positioning for siege 4 trebs scattered and firing at walls or towers together with Boromir...they are bait for enemy units. 2 groups of trebs waiting for enemy GTW to come....also the 4 FU archers....plus Faramir Your GTW is at the back of the 1st group of 4 trebs in case enemy knights try to kill it......make him work so he level up. Tips: 1. Always get GTW a 1 bats of knights as a bodyguard....in case of enemy GTW LS...but dont let enemy GTW use WB against your knights. 2. If you see enemy GTW and Faramir....always kill Faramir first....you get PP and your GTW will level up faster than his. Always kill the weaker of the 2. (make sure you got heal.) Start of Game 2 Farms inside castle Buy Pippen Send 2 soldiers to get 2 settlements at south of base. Get heal. (You need heal instead of EW so that you can get GTW.) Send Pip to the Warg's lair at south...position him at stone formation (on top of wargs) while waiting for the 2 soldiers to come together. Formations for the 2 soldiers while Pip runs towards Wargs and lure them towards soldiers....then start for Pip to throw stones. Use Heal at this time. (Use them now so that you can recharge them fast for the knights turn.) Build the 3rd farm inside castle. Send Pip and 2 bats of soldiers on to the next Warg's lair at right side. Build stable at this time. Same tactic of luring the wargs towards the soldiers but make sure the leading soldiers are the healtiest. Get the settlement for your total of 6 farms....buying knights=$560 Send Pip and remaining soldiers back to your castle. (You dont want your soldiers being trampled by enemy knights...dont give them chance to level up.) Send Pip to scout the middle and turn him invisible so you see enemy movement. (If by any chance you got 2 healthy bats of soldiers then send them towards 3rd warg's lair near your castle...same tactic.) If you got $560 buy your first knights...and save for 2nd knights. While youre waiting for knights to come.........You opponent is either creeping or rushing you. 1. If they rush you let them get busy destroying settlements but you destroy them before they do it. What youre doing is buying some time. 2. If they dont rush you...meaning there creeping, you should creep more than your opponent. Early Game When youre 1st knights shows up send them to enemy territory ...towards enemy warg's lair in front of his castle. (Reason=To see what units he created {archers, soldiers to TG's, knights} or he bought Faramir.) Get that lair if he didnt touch it....use heal if necessary. If your 1st bats of knights level up then get another creep to the top of map...if not, then hit his settlements....to try to slow his economy. At this time (before 2nd knights shows up.) when you have $400....build Blacksmith. When 2nd bats of knights comes out...send them to creep or hit enemy settlements, then destroy stables. Try to maintain 2 bats of knights alive and doing "hit and run" on enemy settlements and building owns settlements. (You need to micro a lot in here.) Fill your castle with farms. If you have 2 pp for gtw at this time.....then dont make market...until you got Gandalf. Middle Game You now have 2 bats of knights that have no upgrades. Things to do while getting money from Market's Grand Harvest: 1.Send GTW with 1 bats of knights to go enemy hunting...looking for enemy knights, while the 2nd bats of knights going for "hit and run" on enemy settlements. 2. If you saw Faramir with knights...then use the 2 bats of knights with GTW...make sure you have heal anytime you engage enemy units. Charge towards enemy using GTW combo=Istari Light and WB (if they run use Lightning Strike). 3. If enemy have GTW then start building stable and heal pool. 4. When you have 1 PP use it for EW then claim an outpost on top of enemy castle and defend it. Late Game On top outpost, you will need 1 tower, archery or heal pool, trebs factory. You need Faramir. Send Pippen to scout the area where the battle will take place. Enemy at this time harassing your settlement....keep him at bay while waiting for the 4 trebs. Buy fire for your trebs and if you have archers...equip them with fire. Your GTW needs to be alive all the time esp. if you have the outpost on top of his castle... if not then you will lose your units, buildings, heroes, and his GTW will level up. Thats why use your Faramir's Wounding Arrow, fire archers, trebs towards enemy GTW only....when he attacks, then use your GTW's IL for the final blow. Or if you have Eagles...wait for his GTW to position for his LS...then set Eagles to kill him. If he retreats dont follow him...stay on pounding his walls with your trebs. 5 fully upgraded knights are sufficient at this time, 4 FU fire archers (vs enemy heroes and eagles), heros = Faramir, Boromir and Pip, then rest will be fire trebs. Summary This is a/an 2 knights no-upgrade, rush to get GTW ...strat, so this means You need to stay alive with 2 knights while scrimping for 2 PP's and $6000....so that means microing your units until your fingers and hands ache or they bleed. Also i have noticed whislt doing this strat is that destroying Farm/Blacksmiths for statues is a bad idea, yes they reduce the price of Gandalf by 1800, but you would get more money by keeping your rank 2/3 income buildings (and the price is massive) Knowing enemy movement is the key, you need every help from Pip so that your 2 bats of knights can stay away from FU enemy knights which also aids in a massive change of creeping, using pipin to scout which creeps he is creeping could either let you steal it from him or avoid a confrontation. Use heal wisely, if you waste it you could loose a set of horses or something more important, but use it wisely could be Victorious sign instead of Defeated sign.

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