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Well these reviews are slightly better than the last ones that I posted, we have Totally Video Games, and IGN. Here is a snippet of the Totally Video Games review:

Despite last year's releases like Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, and Spore pushing forward a brave new world of original and inventive brands for Electronic Arts, the launch of Lord of the Rings: Conquest seems very much like a move by 'old EA': a faceless corporation that relied on annual updates and nasty movie adaptations. It's not just that the Lord of the Rings phenomena has steadily declined since the last of the movies hit cinemas six (yes, SIX) years ago. Rather, it's more to do with that EA has relentlessly plied gamers with more than a fair share of Lord of the Rings games this decade, most of of which have been toppled quicker than a drunk Orc with a club to the head. The JRPG wannabe, Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, is one particular low point that springs to mind.

But wait, let's give this Rings swansong from EA a chance. After all, it's been developed by Pandemic Studios in the same mould as their massively successful Star Wars: Battlefront games, and that can't be a bad thing. Can it? TVG heads to Minas Tirith to find out whether the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth will stave off the evil of Sauron, or succumb to his darkness...

To read the full review click here.

Video Gamer gave a 6/10 rating but rated it a "Dissapointing 6/10" here is a bit of their review:

The game's presentation is also somewhat uneven. Most of the character models look like reasonable gaming equivalents to their cinematic counterparts, while the larger beasties like Balrogs and Trolls are relatively impressive in their movement and appearance. Other animations fare less well: orc swordsmen have a peculiar way of waddling into battle, while running one horse into another can result in a bizarre glitch that sees your nag sliding about on its nose. Pathfinding can also be an issue in levels that feature narrow ledges: there are quite a few chuckles to be had from watching suicidal elves hurling themselves off cliffs in the Mines of Moria. On the audio front the game gains a good deal of atmosphere from its use of Howard Shore's original score and Hugo Weaving's narration, although we were less impressed by the Barry Scott impersonator who likes to shout orders at you during each battle.

To read the full review click here.

And finally IGN's review of 7/10! Were they paid to do this, or were they drunk? According to the other reviews 7/10 is a bit over the top:

The latest title to come off EA's Lord of the Rings production line, Conquest feels like a cross between the publisher's previous hack and slash titles (The Two Towers and The Return of the King) and developer Pandemic's Battlefront series. Unfortunately it's not as good as either – mainly because the game's single-player campaign is very clearly an afterthought, but also because things don't get a whole lot better in multiplayer.

Like Battlefront, the game sees you joining up to 16 players online, or four players in split-screen, to enter battles that range across the history of the One Ring. Choosing to join the forces of (dun-dun-dun!) evil or to help out the good guys, you can play as one of several classes (warrior, archer, mage or scout), occasionally taking control of a particular hero (such as Gandalf, or Gimli), or transforming into giant units such as Ents or Trolls to rain down destruction across three multiplayer modes (Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and Capture the Ring) and two single-player campaigns.

To read the full review click here.

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