Weekly Poll Results - Do you think LotR:Conquest can sell more than LotrO?

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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Do you think LotR:Conquest can sell more than LotrO?

Yep 57.1% (271)
Hard to tell this early 37.1% (176)
No way! 5.6% (27)
Total: 474
Start: 08-04-2008 03:58
Last: 08-30-2008 01:09

 #1 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 08-04-2008 at 10:05

Of course it will. Lotro is an online game, while Conquest has a single-player campaign and no monthly-fee...

 #2 - Posted by: Darth_Awec (Member) on 08-05-2008 at 03:53

I think it would, but it's hard to tell because they're both different genres. LotRO would appeal more to those who enjoy RPGs, but LotRC would definitely appeal to those who enjoy SW:BF and also like LotR (AKA me ;)) I think SW:BF sold more than SWG did though.

 #3 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 08-06-2008 at 01:56

No, no, no... LotRO is not, in any way, a RPG. You insult RPGs this way. LotRO would appeal to those who have no social life, to the "idiots" who want to pay monthly fee. Btw, I wish there was a RPG LotR game for PC....

 #4 - Posted by: rev984 (Member) on 08-07-2008 at 13:46

Of course lotrO is an RPG and a prettty good one at that.Sure lotr conquest will sell alot more but that doesn't make LotrO a bad game. In which way is it not an RPG,you play a role and do quests within the game world or whatever....please back up your posts before you want to flame a game.

 #5 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 08-08-2008 at 23:53

Ok, first of all I did not flame a game. I simply stated something "true". And it is not an RPG, not a pure one anyway. That is why it is called MMORPG. RPGs have storyline, and a clear one too. Not like MMORPGs which have absolutely no linear storyline (sometimes I doubt if there is one...) and your so called "quests" have no effect in the story. Therefore, they are useless. The only thing offered is slaughter. I could go on, but I dont see the point....

 #6 - Posted by: Lurtz101 (Member) on 08-09-2008 at 02:18

Dude, MMORPG is still an RPG, Massively Multiplayer Online ROLE PLAYING GAME.

 #7 - Posted by: Digz (Staff) on 08-09-2008 at 02:28

Yes LotrO is an RPG, an MMORPG is for the ones on PC that have access to the net to play online with other players, hence Lord of the Rings : The Third Age isn't called an MMO just an RPG because you can't play online with loads of other players.

 #8 - Posted by: Darth_Thauron (Member) on 08-12-2008 at 00:45

lol @ #5. What games are an RPG then?

 #9 - Posted by: Cloud_3 (Member) on 08-15-2008 at 08:27

#8 RPG games are games with campaigns or story lines that actually change after what you do, there you got a role to play, there for its a RPG.

 #10 - Posted by: Darth_Awec (Member) on 08-26-2008 at 04:52

Actually, generally RPGs are completely different from MMORPGs. Indeed, most RPGs (and all true RPGs, imo) have a turn-based-combat system. Examples of this are: Golden Sun, LotR The Third Age and SW KotOR. Also, most RPGs have random battles, where you are just wandering round the 'overworld' and are suddenly put into combat with a random enemy. Once again, Golden Sun and The Third Age are strong examples of this. As many people have already said, RPGs have a plotline. Some RPGs have sidequests in which you can get better weapons or gold to aid you in the main quest, but the point of the game is to play through the main storyline, which quite often ends in a boss battle, a set battle against a much stronger enemy than normal. Both RPGs and MMORPGs have a levelling system. An element of RPGs that is being seen less and less is the after-battle rewards, in which you don't 'loot' the bodies, you are simply given a set amount of experience and gold and occassionally items. Well, that's all I can think of that defines RPGs for now. Keep in mind that even if you understood many of the terms said in this, other people may not have, and thus the explanations will have helped them greatly. (Although I don't really expect that many people not to understand the terms.)

 #11 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 08-26-2008 at 23:25

Thanks for the help Darth Awec... I really hate it when someone says RPG's are the same as MMORPG's...

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