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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Just to let you know, I've been away on holiday and things so the site has been rather inactive but I am back and it's time to get things moving again!

I'm trying to get a color change for the site hopefully a light maybe cherry red for BFME1 color scheme or a dark purple for the Rotwk color scheme, I'm afraid I hate green so the BFME2 color scheme won't even be thought of :p Also I have asked for a new category for Lord of the Rings : Conquest news and files so we can add that new game to our huge list.

I have already put in a Mines of Moria section in LotrO category which just needs to be rendered and then put in, hopefully this should be done by today or tomorrow.

More news on Conquest is expected along with LotrO updates we're all looking forward to with more Mines of Moria screenshots and hopefully a couple of videos if they come out.

The LotRFiles magazine is back and will be done every 2 weeks more will be explained in later news posts and this time it will be kept going but not by me solely but also by you!

I'm at the moment gathering more mods for the mod center and some mod updates for you all to look at and hopefully try out when they release it, so it's all looking up from this point onwards!

I know it's only September but I'd like to remind you that yes, our Mod of the Year competition is just around the corner with the same categories as last year will the same mods prevail or is there a new mod on the block? The new updates I'll provide will be the key to their success and of course you going to their sites via our mod center!

Happy Gaming!


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