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Map Packs Dean Krause Map pack

Hi and welcome to the first map pack for BFME by Dean Krause. To celebrate the release of patch 1.02 for BFME during April 2005 I have...


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Map Packs Siege Battlefield Mappack

2 maps in this version:V 0.9.S oon more will be added in the map pack. Both maps have: Erlond, Sauron, Sildur, More hero's, 1500 co, ants po...


Map Packs Rhodazz Map Pack

This guy has packed 56 good maps in one mappack, good idea!


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Map Packs Chaoserver Mappack

Hey, here are all four Chaoservers maps in one mappack. now you don't have to download them all by one.


Map Packs Steve Campen Map Pack

Steve Campen AKA High Elven Lord, is probably one of the best mappers ever, and his maps prove it. I'm not good with specific names but th...


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Map Packs EA BFME1 Map Pack

This is EA's BFME 1 map's of minas tirith, isengard, edoras and lothlorien. 3 player mostly .It says multiplayer but it works in skirmish...


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Map Packs Map Pack By hrsto

This is just a whole bunch of maps I downloaded I didn't make any of them so don't give me any credit... Ok maybe just a little for putting...