LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth

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Trailers Rhovanion Alliance Trailer

I'm proud to announce the first official trailer by the rhovanion alliance team is alive, I would like to thank the team for their incredib...


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Trailers Rise of Rome Trailer

Here's the trailer that RoR showed at the EALA studios. The only thing you hear me say is whw what a great mod!! - MoMMa_Dean


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Trailers LOTR The Battle for Middle Earth II Trailer

This is the first trailer for the upcoming sequel to EA's highly successful Lord of the Rings Strategy game. With this sequel, players can...


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Replays Replay: Wise major v Dinn

this is 2 matches of Wise major v Dinn an excellent 2 games enjoy it!


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Replays Replay:ikings v diva

This is for version 1.02 only, a great game worth watching a great clanwar!


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Replays Replay:major v kiltec

A great replay well worth watching!


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Replays Replay: ip v woc cw

A great cw think about 4v4!!! lol you won't be able to keep up!


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Replays Replay:pilbots v inub

A good game well worth the watch!


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Replays Replay:sou1 v shanghai

Shanghai is on fire with 5 wins in a row see if sou1 beats him!


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Replays Replay: a v diva

Diva are at it again see what happens againt A.


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Replays Replay:Dinn v major

These guys just can't stop fighting each other see who wins out of these two!


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Replays Replay: 4v4 first v grom cw

Again a 4v4 grom v first another hot prospect for a match!


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Replays Replay: stridah v pilbots

Pilbots are out and fighting he can't stop wining see who wins out of this one!


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Replays Replay: isengard mirror

A great isengard mirror they can't stop attacking each other don't blink or you'll miss it !


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Replays Replay: victoire v teamhq

A great match up see who wins!