A Long Walk



You can guess what the map is about, a long walk :p You have Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli to choose as your spawn options and you go round the map fighting foes such as wargs, cave trolls and goblins and orcs as you trek through this wonderfully textured map.

It does get boring towards the middle as you've fought most the creatures before but just come in different spawn points but it is fun when your heroes get to level 10 and you can really kick butt with Gandalf. The Gandy player will take up a lot of the kills and experience points early on as he'll already have his wizard blast which if he takes out the first group he'll then get Lightning Sword. Legolas is ok to level up as you can get things from range but Gimli has a hard time levelling because he's so slow and by the time he reaches the enemy either Gandy has used Wizard Blast and Lego's already killed him.


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