Accurate/Fast Paced Mod



This is a simple mod which changes some stuff and in my opinoin makes the game more accurate and fun (how to install is in bold at the bottom of the page) : ROHAN Rohirrm Helth to 300 since they are the best horsemen of middlearth, command points now 15, they do more crush damage Rohirrm Archer health 240 Elves range increased, upgraded sword damage, increased elves swing swords more often, health increased to 195 Legolas range increased to match elves, legolas knife fighter now recharges really fast so it is like a toggle Ents health now 2150, they are less resistent to slash damage Treebeard health now 3150

GONDOR Solider health 130, Sword does more damge, now they can survive a troll's club Archer Health to 110 Knight health down to 200, Damage decreased Towerguard health 210 Ranger now health 100 Aragorn buildable Gwhair the eagle buildable Gandalf's lightning sword recharges faster

MORDOR Orc now 55 health Haradrim health 70 Soldiers of Rhun health 170 Troll health increased by 150, they are less resistent to slash damage, delay betwwen attacks has been shortened Drummer Troll health increased by 50 Mumakil health now 4150, charge attack reload time decreased, they are less resistent to slash damage Now has all nine Nazgul Nazgul now have guard button Grond buildable

ISENGARD Uruk health 95 Uruk crossbow health 80 Uruk pikemen health 85, now takes less arrow damage Warg rider health 250, Damage lowered Beserker health 200 Now has Uguluk

MORE STUFF All self collecting (without workers) resouce buildings now make 10 resouces every second. Cost of almost everything reduced. Cloud Break recharge time decreased. Speed of almost any unit production decreased. All upgrade costs decreased. All heroes rank up faster so you can use their abilities. Slash attacks do more damage to a lot of things, more balanced because units with sheilds or more armor now can take more slash damage then units without sheilds or without a lot of armor. A lot of other changes in armor that make the game more balanced. Pop. Caps upped to 800 for good and 1200 for bad not really much lag either. Heal radius increased a lot. Units and buildings get up to rank two really fast, then the normal ranking up goes into affect and they rank up at a normal speed. Much More...

Also if you go to gamedata file you can edit a lot of stuff if you don't like mine, along with some of the other files too. VERY special thanks to Steve Campen (High Elven Lord). HOW TO INSTALL Install by putting this ini folder in your data folder in your bfme main folder. Then just cut and paste ini.big out of the bfme folder to somewhere else. Then just play the game. Also you need some kind of winrar to open this, just Google it and download a free one like i did if you don't have it.



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