Battle of Rivendel



Frodo has failed in his mission, and Middle Earth is being overun by Sauron. Rivendell, being much more protected than Lothlorien, is the last hope for the elves who did not pass on to the west.

This is one of the maps I wish EA Games included in the game. It is a 4 player map. All the default AI is present without any special scripting. It will work against computer players, or against some friends. It is best if you place two evil camps at the top of the map, and two good camps at the bottom.

There are three ways for enemy soldiers to enter the valley of Rivendell, one is a wide path beside a tall waterfall, while the other two are hidden in the hills. There are plenty of resources to allow both good and evil camps to build a powerfull army.

If you play the good army, there are also elves ready to aid you in the defense of Rivendell if you help them build their barracks.

Skirmish AI's enabled, the CPU player will siege and use center and side paths to enter the valley. Altought the game excperience is better against human players.

Online mode not tested but should work!

RESOURCES 4 Castles 14 Building plots 2 Expansion camps Gold scattered throughout, inside and outside structures.

BUGS Have not experience any during testing.



To install the map, copy the entire folder named "Battle for Rivendell v1" from the zipped file and paste it into:

C:\Documents and Settings\"YOUR USERNAME"\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth Files\Maps

To Uninstall just delete the folder "Battle for Rivendell v1" from the Maps folder.

I put a lot of time in this map, but it is my first try, so if something doesn't work, sorry! Also if you want to edit this map, I would appreciate it if you mention the author in your release! Feel free to email me with any comments: dale AT walking-stick DOT com

Have fun,


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