BFME Extended Edition



loved to play it in multiplayer a loooong while back, but I encountered several crashes while playing it. So I made some fixes to make it work in single player. Some changes needed to be done for the power trees (see screenshot). Installation:There is two possiblities to install this update:1. Use version 2.0 installer from www.deezire.net to add the shortcut and then override deezire.big with new one from this archive in "My Battle for Middle-earth Files" -folder.2. Just extract deezire.big to your "My Battle for Middle-earth Files" -folder and add "-mod deezire.big" -command line argument to your bfme shortcut.- Thanks to DeeZire for the original version.PS. If you still encounter some problem with the mod, don't hesitate to send me a mail to ergomane(at)yahoo(dot)com with SCREENSHOT of the crash report (if there was any)!


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