BFME Movie Disabler

A quick, easy-to-use utility that disables the intro movies to BFME.

Or restores them, if you like.


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A quick, easy-to-use utility that disables the intro movies to BFME.

Or restores them, if you like.

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BFME Movie Killer v1.0
Author: Mako


What is this and what does it do?:

This is just a simple utility designed to kill the intro movies to BFME.

I don't know about you, but I really got sick of those things.  Some of them can't be skipped and they take forever.  THX in particular is very annoying.

It's easy enough to disable them yourself, but this automates the process, which makes it easier and helps the less-savvy users.

Using the utility is simple enough.  If you have BFME installed in your default directory on the C:\ drive, just click "kill movie(s)", the "status" box should let you know if all the movie files were killed.  Then just close the program and run BFME.  Viola!  No intro movies.  (Except the story).

If you want the movies back, well I included that feature as well.  Just click the "restore" button, again the "status" box will let you know how it went, and... there you have it.  Movies are back.

Otherwise, I went ahead and added a bunch of nifty options for disabling or enabling only specific movies... if for some reason you REALLY like having NewLine Cinema but hate the Intel intro movie... then you can disable one but not the other. 

Why make a program like this?:

For fun.  Also, the other utility for disabling intro movies seemed less than functional/easy to use.  So I built one that (I think) is better, easier, and faster.


If your "Status" box is warning you that it couldn't find files, that means the utility didn't work.  Make sure your BFME folder is correct (you can change it in the options menu), and make sure your installation isn't corrupt.  It should find all files just fine if you are running off a default (non-custom) installation of BFME.  

If it's not finding files, then you're likely missing files altogether.  I can't help you with that.  Stop deleting files.


Having trouble?

Found a bug?

Have a request for a feature or utility?

Send it to me.

I'll see what I can do.


Enjoy your lack of intro movie-ness.

So long.

 - Mako

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