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Hey everyone,

I've been working on this mod now for some time only showing you guys the Isen change list as I really only needed appro...


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Hey everyone,

I've been working on this mod now for some time only showing you guys the Isen change list as I really only needed approval for some of my changes for that faction. I really enjoyed working on this mod as the BFME1 community deserves so much and to tell the truth this balance patch is perfect, it's just like the ones EA create, it involves new strategies that have to be redeveloped and used and requires you to wipe your knowledge clean about BFME1 1.03 and learn about this new patch, Lotrfiles's very own unofficial 1.04 patch.

I really want loads of people to download it and test it, tell me what you think of it, some things will be over powered and under powered even though it went to a lot of testing, this mod really deserves the communities attention and I really want to do a tournament for this one if everyone is happy to do one, the main question is about prizes yes of course there will be one and I won't be taking part as I know all the secrets to this mod I don't want to win by exploiting them that way.

Every faction has something to new to toy about with, not new units but new variations of strategy for example one tip is about gollum, he can now at least defend himself and harass opponents units without dying to easily, he's like a mordor hobbit now except without rock throw.

To install the mod its extremely simple:

1.Download the zip file 2.Extract it to My Documents or even better your desktop ( but only extract the .big file to your desktop just to take up less space) 3.Simple move the .big file to your BFME1 directory:

C: Program Files/EA GAMES/The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) *Note*- You don't have to backup your original ini.big file as this file just simply overrides it. 4.MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR FILE CALLED ENGLISHSPLASH.JPG in the main directory of BFME1. 5.Copy and paste the englishsplash.jpg given in the zip file.

Now you can play!

To uninstall the mod:

1.Move the .big file you put in out back to another folder or desktop, deleting the file will not remove the mod! 2.Copy the original Englishsplash.jpg file back to the BFME1 directory and replace the file.

I hope you enjoy my mod and give me loads of feedback for me to use in v1.01!


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                                             BFME Custom Edition Mod Full Change list By Digz


Rohan Unit changes:

-Peasants build time decreased
-Peasants health increased
-Peasants damage increased with and without forged blades
-Rohirrum health increased
-Rohirrum damage increased with and without forged blades
-Yeoman build cost decreased

Rohan Building changes:

-Farm now costs 300

Rohan Hero changes:

-Theoden experience needed for level 3 and 4 increased
-Theoden damage increased
-Eowen build time decreased
-Eomer build cost reduced
-Gimli leap attack damage increased


Gondor Unit Changes:

-Knight build cost increased
-Knight build time decreased
-Knights damage with and without forged blades increased
-Tower Guard health and damage increased
-Ranger damage increased
-Trebuchet build cost decreased

Gondor Building Changes:

-Farm now costs 300
-Blacksmith build time increased
-Stables build time reduced
-Workshop build cost reduced

Gondor Hero Changes:

-Faramir Wounding arrow damage increased
-Boromir build cost reduced
-Gandalf Lightening sword damage/range increased


Mordor Unit changes:

-Orc fighter build time reduced
-Orc archer build cost increased
-Troll build cost reduced
-Soldier of Rhun health increased
-Soldier of Rhun damage increased
-Mumakil build cost reduced
-Mumakil health increased
-Mumakil charge attack increased
-Mumakil damage increased

Mordor Structure Changes:

-Slaughter house now costs 300
-Furnace now costs 300
-Orc pit build cost reduced
-Haradrim Palace build cost reduced
-Mumakil Pen build cost reduced
-Seigeworks build cost reduced

Mordor Hero changes:

-Nazgul build cost reduced
-Nazgul build time reduced
-Witchking build cost reduced
-Gollum damage increased


Isengard Game Setting Changes:

-Moved Uruks Sacrifice button up 
-Moved Wargs Howl button up 

Isengard Unit Changes:

-Uruk Fighter build time increased
-Uruk Fighter vision decreased
-Uruk Fighter health increased
-Uruk Fighter damage increased
-Uruk Fighter upgrades damage increased
-Uruk Pikeman build time decreased
-Uruk Pikeman vision increased
-Uruk Pikeman health decreased
-Uruk Pikeman damage decreased
-Uruk Pikeman porcupine damage increased
-Uruk Crossbow build cost reduced slightly
-Uruk Crossbow build time slightly increased
-Uruk Crossbow vision decreased
-Uruk Crossbow fire arrows damage increased
-Warg Raider build cost reduced
-Warg Raider build time increased
-Warg Raider damage increased
-Warg Raider pre attack delay and in between attack delay have been decreased
-Warg Raider damage increased
-Warg Raider upgrade damage increased
-Beserker cost increased
-Beserker build time increased
-Beserker health decreased
-Beserker damage significantly increased
-Battering Ram build time decreased
-Battering Ram health increased
-Ballista build cost reduced
-Ballista health increased
-Ballista damage increased
-Explosive Mine build cost reduced
-Explosive Mine build time increased
-Explosive Mine vision increased
-Seige ladder build time reduced

Isengard Building Changes:

-Seigeworks build cost decreased
-Uruk Pit build time increased
-Warg Pit build cost reduced
-Warg Pit build time increased

Isengard Hero Changes:

-Saruman build cost reduced

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