Battle for Middle-earth v1.01 Patch - Dutch



We are pleased to announce the release of patch version 1.01 for The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth. In order to install the patch, you must start up the game, and log online through our multiplayer feature. The patch should then automatically install into your game.

Features Overview Added new multiplayer maps Northern Ithilien, The Black Gate, Eaves of Fangorn Added Buddy List Communicator By hitting Ctrl+Enter anywhere in the online menu, even in an online match, you can bring up the new communicator. This utility will let you add, remove, and chat with users that you choose to make your friends. Quick match tweaks 1v1 matches are now limited to 1v1 maps, and 2v2 matches are now limited to 2v2 maps2v2 maps will no longer be able to played in 1v1 matches, and 3v3 maps will no longer be able to played in 2v2 matches Balance changes Drummer Troll now recharges health when it reaches level 2 The damage radius for the Mordor Catapult’s skull upgrade has been increased Ents now take more damage from slash and pierce attacks

Single Player Campaign Fixes Osgiliath – Eye of Sauron is not halted when attempting to cross the center of level’s three bridges from either side Minas Tirith – destroying the Citadel on the second level of Minas Tirith will no longer destroy all your farms Good Amon Hen - you begin the map with all the heroes under your control and the second half of the map will now load Evil Cair Andros – If you beat this mission and then load a Living World save immediately after Osgiliath, unavailable maps will no longer be available Siege Towers can no longer path find to the top of the second level castle walls at Minas Tirith Bonus objective “Ensure Treebeard survives” can now be completed if Treebeard is revived In the single player campaign, neutral base sites are no longer visible through fog of war Skirmish / Multiplayer Fixes Eye of Sauron can now move through castle walls In a skirmish match a Cave Troll will now engage the player or AI Cavalry banner units no longer kill infantry instantly when trampling over them Ballistas no longer get stuck in multiplayer map Emyn Arnen if an Isengard Seigeworks is built in the center outpost on the top right plot Game no longer freezes when hitting escape key and pressing either the mouse scroll wheel or right mouse button as camera begins to spin when the player wins a map Units and Heroes will now gain rank points for destroying a Gondor Marketplace Resources can now be gained from splash damage kills Horse mounted units no longer get caught on top of castle walls when a castle is being built Cheat Fixes Gondor player can no longer create two Gandalfs Player can no longer gain endless amounts of resources by exploiting the “Rebuild” function of a destroyed citadel World Builder Fixes Fixed runtime error when exiting World Builder Worldbuilder no longer crashes when setting the map size too high Worldbuilder no longer crashes when the Grove button is used


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