Fortress of Mirkwood



Maker: Steve Campen

This map takes place in mirkwood. in the realm of Lord Thranduil. One player (good) starts in Thranduils Fortress. The other ( evil ) starts in a normal castle. Next to the fortress there are three unguarded settlements. Next to the castle there are two unguarded settlements. There are two settlements closer to (evil) castle, but they are defended by goblins and spiders. Then in each corner of the map there is a outpost guarded by a troll lair. This troll lair when destroyed produces more money than normal.

Should you choose to defend the fortress you will start with Legolas and three battalions of Elves. There is a river that surrounds then fortress. There are only to ways across. One of the two bridges that lead to inside the fortress. The bridges are guarded by a gate at each end as well as tower plots. Inside the fortress lies more tower build spots and to Elven build spots. Also a armory as well.

If you choose to start in the castle (evil)you will start with three cave trolls 6 battalions of goblins. Two large spiders and Shelob. If Shelob is to die she can be rebuilt for 600. NOTE Shelob is overturned easily by swords.

I have made this map So that it will work with the AI in skirmish if that is your preference.

Have fun and I hope you like it. :)


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