Hazards Mod Manger v 1.1

This makes mod installation easy (Deactiveate mods with just a click)

Allows you to run different mods at the same time

None of the f...


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This makes mod installation easy (Deactiveate mods with just a click)

Allows you to run different mods at the same time

None of the files in your B4ME folder will be modified or deleted by the ModManager. He'll only create one file called "1ModManager.big"

The ModManager automatically extracts all needed data from B4ME's BIG files, modifies them with the data provided by the mods and creates a new BIG file containing all the changes.

Modders don't need to include whole original INI files into their mod anymore. They just need to include all new data and the ModManager will automatically join these files together.

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Download 'modmanager_v112.zip' (68KB)

ModManager for B4ME v1.1
made by Hazard ([email protected])


This Tools manages all B4ME Mods for you. Just one click will de-/activate the mods.
It automatically extracts all needed data from the BIG files, modifies them with the data included in the mods and generates an own BIG file that contains all changes.
None of the files contained in your B4ME folder will be modified or deleted!
To remove all mods from B4ME just delete the "1ModManager.big" file or select "Start game without mods" in the ModManager.

Program Installation

Just put the ModManager.exe to whatever directory you like and run it.

By default mods should be placed in a"mods" subfolder that should be located in the same folder as the ModManger. If you want to use another folder to store your mods at just select "File->Set Mod Path" in the menu of the ModManager.

!!! You need to have the Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 (23 MB) installed to run this Tool !!!
Download: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=262D25E3-F589-4842-8157-034D1E7CF3A3&displaylang=en

Mod Installation

All mods made for this ModManager are by default a folder named like the mod and containing all needed data. Just copy this folder into your mod directory (wich should be the "mods" subfolder in the same directory as the ModManager.exe by default), start the ModManager, select all mods you like to have activated and click "Start game with mods".

Mod Creation

An in-depth guide on how to create your own mods for the ModManager will be available soon (or maybe is already).
This is just a little introduction to get started, containing the basic structure of mods.

The structure is splitted into 4 elements:
- The mod.ini file located in the main folder of your mod which contains all info about the mod. (Name, Author, Description, etc.)
  It can be used to add custom strings to B4ME, too.
- The "include" folder which contains all data that should be added to already existing INI files (like commandset.ini).
- The "object" folder where all ini files should be located that contain new objects.
- The "overwrite" folder. When running the mod the game will use these files instead of the original ones. Use this folder if you want to replace files with your mod or add completely new ones.

You should take a look at the mods that came with the ModManager to get a clue how everything works exactly until an in-depth guide is available.


Version 1.1:
- "Start game without mods" button works now.
- Error handling improved. You should get more 'readable' error messages in most cases now. An 'error_xxx.log' file will be generated too.
- Added some warning messages to inform the user about possible problems
- some other minor fixes

Version 1.0:
- First Public Release

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