Helms Deep



A version of helms deep that has many changes.

1. Fortress behind deeping wall. 2. Only one person in helms deep(controls it all). 3. Other good guy is Eomer and Gandalf’s team which is in the north west corner.(May want to play so they can only help once the wall or gate is breached. 4. Balrog and army of dead disabled for obvious reasons. 5. FOL cp is 900 FOD cp is 1200. 6. Isengard starts farther back and has pre-built structures.

This Helm's Deep battle gives the bad guy (Isengard) players a vast advantage in numbers and the good guys a vast defensive advantage. Isengard begins with hordes of Uruk hai, some Beserkers, Pikemen hordes, crossbow hordes, a few siege ladders, and two bombs. They begin in a tree rich area perfect for lumber yards. Because of the many bad guys I made yeoman archers start above the gate and elves start on the Deeping wall. Also extra defensive towers have been added into various spots. Most notable is the addition to a fortress behind the Deeping wall as well! Which gives archers a good ranging position and is yet another barrier the attackers will need to breach. It is also possible to build secret entrances on the Deeping wall. Enjoy and email me if you have map suggestions or would like to report a bug.


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