Heroes Of Battlefield



is 3v3 when two computers are counted out. Thats because soldiers spawn automatically. They are scripted and belong to computer. Again map is quite classical: three ways to enemy base, choose your route from your base. Heroes have great responsibility to support their soldiers, because without heroes battle will go on forever. Good will spawn numenorians, elves, gondor knights and trebuchets, evil spawn uruk-hai, both sword and crossbow, trolls and mordor catapults. Same number of forces will be spawned at each route, then they will run to face enemy. Alright, now about the base, each player have four building plots and one citadel. Recruit heroes from citadel and build whatever you like. In good base there is Isilur in small area sealed by gate. Sauron is in evil base inside similar area with gate. There is a timer adeded, and when time ends, which is 15 minutes, gates open and Sauron and Isildur will run to battle. Game ends when Isildur or Sauron is killed. And I almost forgot, computers must be placed middle, good are on RIGHT side and evil LEFT side. Use Gondor and Mordor.


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