Kings of the West Mod



of the bugs have been fixed, here are just some that have:-Royal Guard in-game text fixed from "Horde" to "Royal Guard"-Gondor Fiefdom units (Knights of Dol Amroth infantry, Lossarnach Axemen, and Pelagir Spearmen) forged blade glows fixed.-Rohan heroes no longer use Eomer's voice when mounting or dismounting-Orc Pikemen should now provide the proper experience when killed in battle-Helms Deep skirmish map added (EA map, edited by matt. Same basic layout as the campaign map. Forgot to include it in the original release). The Kings of the West mod adds many new heroes, units, buildings, powers, spells, maps, and even AI to the Battle for Middle-earth. It also features the new fortress Minas Morgul which will be both a new map as well as an upgrade for the Mordor Skirmish base.New heroes will include Shagrat, Gorbag, the Mouth of Sauron, Gothmog, Erkenbrand, Theodred, Elfhelm, Grima Wormtongue, Sharku, Ugluk, Madril, Mablung, Beregond, the Blue Wizards, and many more. Existing heroes will get new powers and mounts and the heroes each side gets has been changed: Gondor now receives the 3 hunters as well as several new heroes, while Rohan gets a host of new Westfold heroes led by Theodred. Gandalf and the Blue Wizards replace the Army of the Dead as the super summons for Gondor and Rohan respectively, while Sauron replaces the Balrog for Mordor.New units include Citadel Guards, new Tower Guards, new Rangers, and Spearmen for Gondor; Uruk scouts and Crow spies for Isengard; Royal Guards and Men of the Westfold for Rohan; Morgul Orcs and Rhun Swordsmen for Mordor to name a few.New Maps include Minas Morgul, Minas Tirith, Isengard, Lothlorien, the Path of the Dead, Amon Hen, and a new snow map.The mod also includes AI which is much stronger than the default AI and it will build all the new units and heroes and use the new spells and powers.The overall goal for the mod is to make bfme feel more like the movies and books by adding in new units while keeping the fun and the "what if this happened?" feel. The mod will also try to recapture the unique-ness of the sides and restore the focus on siege warfare.


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