Land of Battle_SuM



Description: Name: Land of Battle SuM Version Player: 4 AI: yes (very hard!) for: BFME

Gold: 2100

Four bases, all vs all. Mordor troops accompanied of Nazguls roam across the Land, close is Carn Dum, the fortress of the Witch-King.

The goal: The total destruction of hostile units and the total Control of the area. Which the few villages in this area and their inhabitants already painfully experienced had. But the Dark Evil across the country…

Your task: Pulls past on abandoned, burning villages where only the corpses the inhabitant tell their mute stories. And this country releases from its bad dark troops. Releases your country… BUT

However, you hear the horn Mordors .... pay attention!

-more action -more Scripts (lot of scripts, for many surprises, hehe) -more gimmicks (chest..) - big sound effects -AI that must be won first (becomes very hard). -Mordor troops in developed positions Balrogs, Kranka, ....



After a lot of emails to me,  I do Land of Battle for BfME. its other than the original map. But with lot of fun...

Installation Vista:
C:/user/yourWindowsAccount/AppData/Roaming/My Battle for Middle Earth 2 Files/Maps folder

Installation unter XP:
C:/your windows user account/application data/My Battle for Middle Earth 2 Files/Maps folder

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