Lone Wolf Mod Public Beta



The Lone Wolf Mod has been going on for some time now, with lots of updates being posted on the site many of you thought, where is this mod? Well, it's here on LotRFiles now. This is the public beta v0.2, now please realise this isn't the full mod, it's in it's second beta stage and is to be released fully this April if everything goes to plan. Please post constructive cricitsm here and I'm sure Radspakr will acknowledge your views and take them into consideration.

Also if you notice any bugs or balance issues while playing the mod, feel free to comment on the file or go the Beta Bug/Balance Thread to report the issue.

The second public beta for Lone Wolf Mod. This time it adds 3 extra factions Lorien,Morgul and Dale. Quite a few changes have been made since the last beta. Some issues with Dol Guldor have been addressed like the Castle Walls. Gondor has also undergone some balance changes. I'll be preparing a tournament soon so get some practice in and i'll see you in game. For installation information read the Readme it has what you need to know. I hope you all enjoy it and be sure to give feedback here or at the forums.

This beta has 9 factions in total - Gondor Rohan Isengard Mordor Dol Guldor Rivendell Dale Lorien Morgul

These factions while not complete are still playable.

In the coming betas they be redesigned and will be finished.


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