Lone Wolf Mod Public Beta



v0.2, now please realise this isn't the full mod, it's in it's second beta stage and is to be released fully this April if everything goes to plan. Please post constructive cricitsm here and I'm sure Radspakr will acknowledge your views and take them into consideration.Also if you notice any bugs or balance issues while playing the mod, feel free to comment on the file or go the Beta Bug/Balance Thread to report the issue.This is the third beta release from Lone Wolf Mod. In it there have been a lot of changes to great to list. Some of the newer features are the Blood FX and premiering on public beta for the first time Rhun. Factions in this release areRhun (first time going public)MorgulDol GuldorMordorIsengardRohanGondorLorienRivendellDaleExtensive changes have been made the biggest being the selection bug is now fixed (for most cases). Some factions have been streamlined and rebalanced to tone down overpowered abilities and heroes and to get rid of superfluous units.


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