Lone Wolf Public Beta



few of the issues I was unable to for it.It has since become a large update to Lone Wolf with improved balancing and a lot of bug fixes.The change list is vast as usual and can be found in the readme file along with the installation instructions and a few maps.Some of the big changes for this version are -Improved blood FXIncreased Siege usefulness (have better range,damage and are just more potent looking)Increased Structure survivability,structures now have improved health and armour to combat rushing.Rebalanced a lot of units and heroes giving them more defined roles in combat.The introduction of the Faction Attribute system of balancing factions.The ground work for 0.4 has been introducedFaction Attributes:Faction attributes are a new way for me to balance the factions in Lone Wolf and to fine tune them better.Factions will now follow a primary attribute which define their playstyle,strengths and weaknesses.Strength - defines the more Infantry,Siege driven factions slow but strong suited to intermediate playersAgility - is the more hit and run,raiding style play Agility factions often use Stealth and Cavalry best suited to Advanced players.Intelligence - the more support reliant faction,the intelligence factions tend to use Traps and Support units to assist their other troops suited for Expert playSwarm - are the spam style factions that use weight of numbers to crush the enemy suited to beginner players.As usual all bugs should be reported to the bug report thread at my forums.Any problems installing (after reading the readme) can also be dealt with at the Lone Wolf forums.


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