Mighty Battle



The great idea begun in Elven Tribal Wars is continued and expanded in this, the greatest map for massive battle I have ever created. The idea and battle is this: To create and deploy a massive army made up of hundreds of soldiers. In this map I have brought together both of these dreams and made them into one. Here in this map you can control massive hordes of gondor soldiers, archers, knights, and trebuchet-soldier combos. Also, you can control rohirrim, yeomen, and peasants. However, an army has a cost, and yours is... cheap! -$8 for peasants and yeomen hordes -$10 for gondor soldiers and archers -$15 for gondor tower guards and rangers, and also $15 for rohirrim -$20 for my favorite horde type, the trebuchet-soldier mix. This one does not have fire stones. -$25 for the treb horde with fire stones. A worthy upgrade.

However, there is a catch. You only have access to 200 resources. This is to minimize unwanted lag. The simple aim of the game is this: Destroy every last enemy soldier on the field of battle. No confounded structures to worry about, no citadel to watch, just move your army at will around the battle field, behind mountains, and flank the enemy! Ambush them! Devastate their ranks with a hail fire of fire stones! Abolish them with rivers of piercing arrows! Crush the enemy with hundreds of cavalry! By now you should get the picture... It's massive! A timer forbids you from attacking for the first four min. 20 sec. This is so that everyone has ample time to build their purchase their army! When the timer ends, the map will become completely visible. All armies will automatically begin to attack. So do not attempt any complex formations before the timer ends, because the men will automatically head for the enemy. (You CAN tell them to come back) You may be wondering... What about lag? With hundreds of troops in each army, lag will be insane! I must admit, the first few min. there is mild lag. Things go slower. But after the attack has begun, and the trebs have let off a few shots, things should get smoother. At least for me they do. I cannot say every computer will not lag, because some computers will. But if you have a good comp the lag should be small, and should go away after the battle has begun. Finally, just read the in-game instructions to see how to purchase men. The AI works extremely well, because if you don’t choose troops, the comp automatically will for you. (There are exceptions, but only in the case of a human player -the AI should always work). Evenstar powers are too expensive be useable. This map can be played on single player, and, although not tried on multiplayer, it should work on multiplayer. This map looks awesome on medium or higher settings, while still being awesome on lower settings. Have Fun! (This IS for BFME, the original)

-To install... this should work for Vista, dont know if this will work for XP.. Go to C:\Users\(Your User Name)\AppData\Roaming\My Battle for Middle-earth Files\Maps And than right click and create a new folder.. rename the folder Mighty Battle, than place in the folder the files you download here. After that, it should be ready to play!


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