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Kings of the West is an unreleased mod for BFME 1 by GothmogtheOrc, that among many things adds Minas Morgul as a minifaction to Mordor.

I was brought in to make a Minas Morgul map using the buildings he created.

This download is a mod teaser, is includes the buildings and the map, thats it. So technically its a mod, but all thats new is the map. (I hope that makes sense).

So the installer will install the mod and give you a second shortcut with which you can run the modded game. Your BFME Program Files are not touched at all, so it's completely safe.

Don't forget to check out GTO's Site for more info about The Kings of the West mod, and also his Shadows of Evil mod which is fully released.

And also check out Rhovanion Alliance whom I also work for, as well as The 3rd Age for any BFME modding related stuff (I'm called mh_gollum there).

So, Minas Morgul.... When Elendil the King of Numenor sailed to Middle-earth with this sons, Isildur and Anarien, he built them two cities either side of Osgilliath, the capital. Minas Anor, the Tower of the Sun, was given to Anorien, which later became Minas Tirith during the 3rd Age. Minis Ithil was given to Isildur, meaning Tower of the Moon.

Elendil and Anorien both fell during the Battle of the Last Alliance, Isildur famously cut the Ring from Sauron's hand and kept it. But he was later killed at the Gladden Fields and the Ring fell to the bottom of the Anduin.

Once Sauron returned as the Necromancer, Minas Ithil was taken by the Nazgul and renamed the Tower of Sorcery, Minas Morgul. It became a place of much fear and became the home of the Witchking of Angmar. The last King of Gondor rode to Minas Morgul to fight the Witchking, but the agreement was broken and he was taken in and never seen again.

During the War of the Ring, the host of Mordor set out from Minas Morgul, lead by the Witchking and laid seige to Osgilliath and then Minas Tirith. But they were defeated by the armies of Gondor and the Southern Fiefdoms when Aragorn, heir to the throne of Gondor arrived with the Dunedain and Sons of Elrond.

As the remains of Rohan and Gondor rode to the Black Gate to distract Sauron as Frodo destroyed the Ring, they came to Minas Morgul and bridge was broken.

The fate of Minas Morgul after the destruction of the Ring and the fall of Sauron is not known (to me at least :P, I haven't checked any of the above whilst typing so don't moan if there are errors.).

Number of Player: 4 Starting Positions: Fortress/Camps Expansion Points: 3 Settlements: 6 Lairs: Trolls

Note: If it crashes when clicking skirmish, it is a problem due to having another mod installed that adds a faction.

In order to fix this, you need to clear your Skirmish Data files in App Data. Or... start the game normally and create a new profile. Then quit and restart using the Morgul Mod.

Have fun!


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