My Middle earth Unit Mod



This is my New Version of my Mod A.K.A my battle for middle earth unit Mod. Its just really an updated version with a few tweaks and That. heres a list of changes

One of the biggist changes was the Solo Story error where you Satrted out with 100 Command points i Have now Fixed this and Changed it to 500 for good and 800 for bad. the way it was ment to be.

And i almost forogot if this Update(Mod) screws up your Pc or Game Dont Blame me or the Mod you are installing it at your own Risk if it does screws up you pc or gameand if you do come to me for Help i will do nothing. well Not my Fault. But saying that i will Help you if something goes wrong in the game like a Small Error it just Depends really.

And Rememebr This is a new Version of My first Mod So you can keep this or Stick with the first version. This one Might be Better Thats all im Saying.

INSTALATION 1. Place The original INI file in the Battle for Middle earth Main Directory to a Safe Place. 2. Place my Own INI file A.KA my Mod to the Main Battle for middle Earth Directory. 3. Start up the Game and you should see some changes in the Game.

GONDOR Gondor Soldier Build Cost 100 from 120 Gondor Knight Build Cost 650 from 600 Gondor Tower Guard Damage 60 from 50 Gondor Trebuchet Build Cost 900 from 800 Gondor Farm Health 1500 from 1000 Gondor Forge Black Smith Health 3000 from 3300 Gondor Stables Build Cost 750 from 650 Gondor MarketPlace Buils Cost 1600 from 1300 ROHAN Rohan Peasants Build Cost Now 120 from 100 Rohan Yeoman Health 80 from 100 Rohan EvenWarrior Health 160 from 130 Rohan Bounty Value 20 from 10 Rohan Farm Build Cost now 300 from 350 Rohan Armory Build Cost 1500 from 1300 Eowyn Damage 50 from 40 Eomer Build Cost 1200 from 1500 Eomer Health 1200 from 1500 Eomer Damage 60 from 70 Aragorn Build Cost 3000 from 4000 Theoden Mounted Damage 50 from 35 Aragorn Health 1200 from 1000 Legolas Bow Damage 70 from 60 MORDOR Mordor Laborer Build Cost 40 from 20 Mordor Laborer Damage 4 from 5 Mordor Warrior Damage 15 from 10 Mordor Archer Health 40 from 50 Mordor Troll Build Cost 1500 from 1200 Mordor Lumber Mill Build Cost 250 from 200 Mordor SlaughterHouse Build Cost 250 from 200 Mordor SlaughterHouse Health 2000 from 1500 Mordor Orc it Health 2000 from 3000 Mordor Troll Cage Build Cost 2000 from 1500 ISENGARD Uruk Fighter Build Cost 100 from 150 Uruk PikeMen Build Cost 300 from 150 Uruk PikeMen Health 80 from 60 Uruk Pikemen Stab Damage 30 from 20 WargRider Build Cost 700 from 600 Uruk Beserker Health 100 from 150 Uruk Mine Build Cost 2500 from 3000 Uruk Mine Health 500 from 1000 Uruk Pit Build Cost 300 from 250 IsenGard Armory Build Cost 1200 from 1000 Lurtz Build Cost 1200 from 1400 Well they are the Updates for v1.02 i Hope they are good i have been Testing Them and they do Make Gameplay a bit more Fair. They Might be a Version v1.03 Later on But for now Enjoy.

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