Replay: Sou1 v moose gondor v rohan



DivA|Sou1-Gondor Vs. {EWM} Haiku-Rohan

Map: Fords of ISen

Version: 1.03


Bo: 2 farms, Pippin Farm, Farm, Bs, Stable, Knight, BS, Knight, Bs, Knight, Well, Knight, Shields

PP Progression: Heal, Ew, GTw, Elves, Cloud Break, Aod, Eagles

Strategy: Shielded Knights with Gtw and Faramir, followed by Ranger spam with Boro.

Pros: +Good harassment throughout game +Used Faramir and knights to effectively counter ents the 1st time +Got Faras ld off of Aragorn and ents +Very good Gtw use, If I'm not mistaken he never died +Repelled many attacks on your base +Took mc from Rohan in late game

Cons: -Lost a knight bat considerably early. -Rode around in wedge way too much -Only 2 statues when buying gtw, no point in that get 4 -Very bad Ew usuage throughout game, Rohan countered just about every single 1

Comments: This was a very good game for you imo. Your early game a bit lacking, but in mid game and late game you totally owned. Non stop harassment from you allowed you to stay in the game. Also the Gtw usage was very good, you never lost him or any of your heroes for that matter. You repelled every single attack on your base and decimated Rohan's army in 1 of the final showdowns. The only suggestion I have for you is to not ride around in wedge so much, and after Rohan countered ur first ew u should not have used it again unless he laid his down first. Apart from that great game by you.

Overall Score: 7

{EWM} Haiku-Rohan:

Bo: 2 farms, Merry, 2 peasants from in base, Farm, Stable, Rohirrim, Rohirrim, Farm, Rohirrim, Farm, Rohirrim, Farm, Armory+Ups

PP Progression: Draft, Heal, Ew, Anduril, Cloudbreak

Strategy: 4 Rohirrim to harass, fast ups on horses followed by an ent rush with Aragorn, Combos with elves+Theo+Lego

Pros: +Good creeping, got 5/6 creeps + Nearly total mc for a majority of the game +Non Stop harassment all game, even though Gtw and friends were on the prowl + Cost Gondor tons of money taking out huge numbers of his wall section, delayed him considerably +Overcasted every single 1 of his ews

Cons: -Got sloppy a bit in mid game with rohirrim, lost a few of them -Lost Ara in the Gondor base, leveling up Faramir and giving him ld -Lost a huge chunk of your army to Gandy in 1 of the final battles, should have targeted him with everything you had, he probably would not have walked out of that fight alive if you did -Lost your outpost several times because of minium protection

Comments: You played a very gg yourself. You totally outplayed Gondor throughout early and mid game, and you would have probably won if Gtw didn't come out and save him imo. Unfortunately you lost all your heroes and armies a few times to Gondor, but even then you made good attempts to harass him. The ent usage was pretty good, you took down so many wall sections with them throughout the whole game. Unfortunately You were done after the final fight in his castle, when he killed all your heroes and wbed ur army. I have no real concrete suggestions to improve your gameplay, cept you rode around i wedge a bit 2. My only advice is to finish Gondor early, because once they get full ld on Rangers its gg for Rohan.

Overall Score: 7

General notes on the game: A pretty good Gondor vs Rohan game, that appeared to be at a stalemate for some time. Gondor and Rohan harassed each other throughout the whole game, so the horses were always on the move. Rohan failed to kill gondor the 1st few times, and Gondor gradually grew stronger while Rohan was falling apart. Rohan played very aggressive, and took the fight directly in2 Gondor's base quite a bit. Gondor had little choice but to defend because of the 3+ holes in his wall Eventually Gondor got his full ld and Rangers and Rohans combos had little chance of winning after that. Gandalf saved Gondor in this game, otherwise the outcome probably would have been very different.

Entertainment: 6

Overall Rating: 7


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