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Here's the newest Rise of Rome total Conversion mod. This is a nice mod were you can create your own Roman army's.. They haven't change t...


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Here's the newest Rise of Rome total Conversion mod. This is a nice mod were you can create your own Roman army's.. They haven't change the voices which were bad in the previous version and now they are still bad... This is really something the got to change in the next version. They did also steal some sounds you get when clicking at the buildings from the game: "Age of Empires". The sound is really the only bad thing the other things rock!

So what are you waiting for, go and download this mod! ;)


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Download 'rorv045.zip' (63.06MB)

Rise of Rome
a Total Conversion for The Battle for Middle Earth


Hardware requirements:

Not sure, try using the same machine you ran BFME on... The betas are not nearly as optimised as they could be, but its a beta.


How to use this Package:

The Installer package will install .ror files to the BFME directory, and rome.big to the My Battle for Middle Earth Files in your User Documents\Application Data folder. There is also a Launcher installed to the BFME directory.
The Launcher will rename the .ror files over (backed up) BFME big files in the BFME directory, then launch BFME with the Rise of Rome mod switch.
Note: To Uninstall at present you will need to run the installer, or delete the files. (There is a tiny registry key just to keep track of the Rise of Rome version number)

Version History:

Current Release December 19 2005

Added Carthage AI 40%
Both Carthage and Rome start with 2 infantry
Some small code tweaks and fixes

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the first public release of Rise of Rome. You can all now fight your own epic battles between Rome and Carthage in this total conversion for the Battle for Middle-Earth. This particular version has spent 13 months in development and features Rome and Carthage as completed playable factions, a killer Roman AI, 30 new skirmish/multiplayer maps, and a new soundtrack with several original pieces by S.A. Indal. But enough of me talking, if you are reading this then you probably already know most of what I'm telling you. :)
-Rise of Rome forums on AtomicWienerDog September 17 2005

First Public Release
Initial Roman AI
Rome and Carthage Factions


Contact Details:


Other Information:

Rise of Rome is ...

Ā© 2005
This work is copyright.  We'll look into what this means... In the meantime, please enjoy our hard work responsibly.

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