A map based on Rivendell, we used pictures to make it look like Rivendell the best we could, but we also changes a lot of things, to make it more fun to play. Player 1 has 200 cp (defender) and player 2 has 1000 cp (attacker) we also changed the powers, because we didn't like some of them to be in that map. For more information, check the Rivendell_Readme file. There you will also find information about the special reinforcements system we added. We detailed the map, and just for the look, we suggest look at the map on high detail, the intro looks much better than! (when u play on low detail, for my opinion, it looks a bit ugly, I’m sorry for that.

The map starts with a scene of the council of Elrond, from there, the story changes. A lot of unexpected things will happen.

I hope u guys have fun with this map!

Greetz whoozy ([email protected]) & Rohadhrim ([email protected])


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