Seemans Deep

seemanns_deep.rar —


My first map. Hope u like it.In it u-ll find everything. You will have control of most of our beloved heroes from the war of the ring. It is a map made for skirmish but. I guess it will work on multi player to if you want. For not loosing all the fun you should play with Rohan in upper left vs 4 AI - evil factions allied. Also ,for more fun ,you could find the Hero Mod and install it before playing. But isn't really important. The map took me only 7 hours to make, tested by me, and you must know that I couldn't beat those 4 AI the first time I played! As a bug:You can't make Gandalf mount his horse..sorry. So.get ready for many surprises and an epic battle. Oh.before i forget! This map is modified by me, the source map was Jeff's Place 2 so some of the credit goes to him (sry for not asking permission Jeff but i couldn't find u!hope there isn't any problem).


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