The Dwarf Holds



mod adds a fifth playable faction the Dwarves of Erebor.TDH originally started out as the Rhovanion Alliance mod, started when BFME was released. That project was eventually cancelled in Spring 2008, and a new, more realistic vision was set to put the mod's assets to good use.The Dwarves are a fully functional faction, with new units, buildings, castles and a unique playstyle. We have done our utmost to make sure the faction fits in with the vanilla factions in terms of completeness and polish. You will find impressive new effects, detailed animations and a lot of things that you probably wouldnt notice unless they werent there.In addition to the Dwarves, we also include updated artwork for the original factions new, higher detail versions of almost every unit and hero have been created so that they dont look out of place beside the forces of Erebor. There are also one or two new units for these factions, as detailed later in the manual.


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