The Elven Alliance : Community Edition



unclear if he will ever return. So while he left us with an unbelievable mod, there were some unfinished pieces that he never got to address. After a couple year of hiatus, the The 3rd Age staff and community has decided that it is our responsibility and duty to finish this mod and address any balance and bug issues contained in beta 0.9. Due to being unable to contact Celeglin and also perhaps straying from his original intentions, the mod will be given a new subtitle as to not confuse who the author is of the modified version. I present to you The Elven Alliance:Community Edition!The intentions and goals in this edition:1. Add the new Gondor skins made by Celeglin2. Fix any bugs or glitches in the mod3. Address the issues laid out it the readme file4. Add any missing 2-d art to the mod5. Balance the factions (with particular attention to the Elves) to make multiplayer more fair and enjoyable6. Add Elven AIWhat we will not be doing:1. Adding new maps, models, and skins that were not partially created by Celeglin2. Adding new audio3. Campaign changes beside balance issues4. Deleting or severely modifying unitsDISCLAIMNER: If Celeglin does return and does not approve of the community edition, the project will stop immediately and the download will be removed. Also, the original version of Celeglin's mod will still be available to download. It can be found on the official website (http://elven.the3rdage.net). NOTE: The entire changelog for this mod can be found in the readme file included in the .zip download file.A few more things of note: * You do NOT need the original TEA betas installed to play this mod. * If you already have the TEA Betas installed, this mod installer will NOT replace them. * PLEASE read through the readme file and installer (both in the .zip download file). They include installation instructions, terms of use, credits, and list of changes made to the mod. * You can view the official Elven Alliance forums and ask questions here. * Vote for this mod on www.the3rdage.net You can find the mod here. * Join the official Elven Alliance Community Edition tournament here!Please note, this file is exclusive to LotRFiles as we fully support this new Community Mod that is helping the community get into BFME modding and may it long continue, T3A also shares it's hosting rights along with LotRFiles as it's communty have supported and made the project happen, any queries to host this mod must be sent to their site http://www.the3rdage.net/ and LotRFiles admin, Digz. LotRFiles also would like to thanks Celeglin for his awesome work on this mod before it turned into a community project. This file has been exclusively hosted for The TEA : Community Mod team and for T3A and is not under any circumstances for redistribution to another site. Permission must be asked from A) The developer, and B) from the LotRFiles Site Admin, Digz, his contact details can be found on the staff page.


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