The Elven Alliance Community Edition



bugs including the annoying Cirdan bug. :p This version, however, still does not contain any Elven AI as we are still working on it. We hope to have the AI ready by version 1.2. In the meantime, please enjoy all the new features in 1.2. Happy holidays from T3A! A few things to note:

You do NOT need the first version of the TEA Community Edition (1.0) installed to play this mod. The mod does NOT have an installer in this version. Instead, the zip package download contains a detailed and easy to follow document on how to install the mod properly on your computer. PLEASE read through the readme file and installation document (both in the .zip download file). Also included is a document on all the changes made in each version of the mod. If you have any questions about installation or have problems running the mod, please use this topic in our forums. You can view the official Elven Alliance forums here. Vote for this mod here. Join the official Elven Alliance Community Edition online game section here.DISCLAIMER: If Celeglin does return and does not approve of the community edition project, the project will stop immediately and the download will be removed. Also, the original version of Celeglin's mod will still be available to download. It can be found here.

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