The Fortress of Angband

This map is a 2vs2 map that takes place near the Fortress of Angband. 2 players (evil) start in the fortress while two players (good) start...


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This map is a 2vs2 map that takes place near the Fortress of Angband. 2 players (evil) start in the fortress while two players (good) start outside the fortress in castles. Evil players will start with 600 pop cap and good will start with 300 pop cap. As well as both will start with 2000 resources. If you choose to start in the fortress you will begin with a Mordor build plot, many various tower plots, as well as a furnace. (Recommended you be Isen) You will also notice that on either side of the wall you will see a structure built into the wall surface. From this you can build everything in a normal Orc pit. You will start with one main gate. This gate gives you a large range of sight. If it is destroyed so is your line of sight. The gate cannot be rebuilt. In the back of the fortress you will notice a large tower. This tower is fully functional in that men can walk upon the walls as well as it is gated. (Tower is mostly for looks, no strategic advantage). The base consists of a main walk way to the gate and two separate walk ways to the main wall. Each walkway is surrounded by lava. There is a large lava pit in the center of the fortress. From this pit will rise Balrogs to defend you in times of great need. Sauron himself lies locked away in the deep tunnels of Angband, but even he will rise to fight for you if he is needed. Fellbeasts lurk in these deep pits as well (This meaning that you cannot build these men they must come of their own free will) NOTE: you cannot build Haradrim palace or Mumakil. This for balance and truth to history.

If you are playing the side of good then you will start with a castle two hordes of elves and a horde of knights. Thos who where unfaithful in the past may return to fight by your side if they deem you worthy of their presence. (This meaning they are not buildable, but must come of their own free will).

Outside of the fortress there are four outposts and 10 settlements. Some guarded by creeps of all kinds.

NOTE: this map is meant primarily for online multiplayer as some of the scripts will not work in skirmish, but I assure you that the AI is fully scripted to the best of my ability as well as the map is textured to the best of my ability and is well balanced, although at times it may seem not.

Thanks and I hope you like it! :)

Also if you find any errors or have any comments list them here.

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