The Fortress of Angmar.



This map takes place in Angamr. One player (Evil) top right will start in The Fortress of Angmar. The other player (good) will start in a normal castle. Should you choose to defend the fortress you will start with the Witch king on foot at your disposal. If he is to die he can be reborn on his Nazgul. The fortress has two main walls and gates that defend each wall as well as gates to defend each walk way to get atop the walls. The fortress is also filled with base defense foundations build plots (sentry towers). There are also two Mordor build plots that sit between each of the main walls. Also if you choose to defend the fortress you will have a large line of site as you know the land. NOTE as your gates are destroyed your line odf site lowers. There is also a back tower behind the base that is defended by a gate that you can put units or heroes inside of.

If you choose to play in the castle You will begin with a stronger version of Aragorn that when killed can be re-born. You will also begin with two combo hordes of Gondor archers and soldiers. You will also get a combo horde that consists of Gondor soldiers and a trebuchet.

On each side of the map next to either sides base are four settlements with enough trees for lumber mills. There are also two camps on each side of the map that the bases are not on. Each of these outposts are guarded by troll pits. NOTE This map is well textured, well balanced and I have made this map to work with the AI in skirmish and in multiplayer. Trust me this isn’t another one of those maps with the unstoppable fortress. Please try it. I hope you like it :)


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