LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth

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Saves Good saves (easy difficulty)

The saves included with this are for the good campaign on easy difficulty. To install them, please extract them into your B.F.M.E. saves fol...


Maps Battle in Moria

Das ist meine erste Karte für Schlacht um Mittelerde 1. Bitte sagt eure Meinung dazu! Es ist eine 2-Spieler-Karte für Skirmish und Multipla...


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Mini Mods Simple Mod

This is a simple yet fun mod. It is very easy to install. This mod includes faster unit level up and stronger units. All resources...


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Saves BfME_GoodSaves_Medium

Medium difficulty saves for the Good Powers Campaign. Here's all the Good Power saves at MEDIUM Difficulty level. Each save will load you...


Maps Minas Tirith Remake 6 Player

Minas Tirith Remake Player: 6 AI: Yes Specials: Scripts.... Timer and Counter : Ram-Crew, Towers, Troops they co...


Maps MansLand

MansLand Player: 2 Category: SuM Multilayer AI: Yes Two Islands, one great Bridge. Here are the Top Battlefield. Defend your Side....


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Mini Mods Belgarions Mod

I made mod from editing my own file and copying ideas and files from others. A little from every where actually. The way this mod is set up...


Multiplayer Mighty Battle

The great idea begun in Elven Tribal Wars is continued and expanded in this, the greatest map for massive battle I have ever created. The i...


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Map Packs EA BFME1 Map Pack

This is EA's BFME 1 map's of minas tirith, isengard, edoras and lothlorien. 3 player mostly .It says multiplayer but it works in skirmish...


Tools and Utilities BFME PatchSwitcher

The Patchswitcher requires BfMe 1.03 as basis. Note: The patches are installed as mods to make sure that you can play online. So remov...


Mini Mods Ea In Peril

This mod adds more heroes: Sauron Isildur Elrond Shelob Balrog (counting Witch-King)Can build all nine Nazgul ...


Mini Mods Level Increase Mod

This MOD will allow you to get units and heroes to lvl 25(will not work on hobbit heroes Mordor heroes lair creatures and summoned units) an...


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Tools and Utilities BFME Movie Disabler

A quick, easy-to-use utility that disables the intro movies to BFME. Or restores them, if you like.


Multiplayer Minas Morgul

** THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE MAP SO PLEASE READ ** Kings of the West is an unreleased mod for BFME 1 by GothmogtheOrc, that among many th...


Total Conversions BFME Custom Edition

Well, it has been an exciting turn of events for the v1 patch of BFME CE, the units arenow balanced and more powerful allowing for the game...


Total Conversions BFME1 Custom Edition

Hey everyone, I've been working on this mod now for some time only showing you guys the Isen change list as I really only needed appro...


Singleplayer Seemans Deep

My first map. Hope u like it.In it u-ll find everything. You will have control of most of our beloved heroes from the war of the ring. It is...


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Singleplayer Rangers Game For Skirmish

Rangers' Game for Skirmish You have to lead your rangers to destroy your foes. Your Ranger will be spawned automatically at your st...


Total Conversions Scouring of the Shire Beta

Scouring of the Shire is a Modification for EA's wonderfull game the Battle for Middle Earth™. It was an idea originally developed by LadyRh...


Total Conversions The Elven Alliance Beta 2

Here it is, the latest version of The Elven Alliance. This update features the many changes made to Rohan since the last release, as well as...


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Total Conversions Rise of Rome

This version requires V0.45 of Rise of Rome to be installed on your machine! The long-awaited update to Rise of Rome is now available. T...


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Multiplayer Lake View

This is the first map I have submitted and I am not a master at water on worldbuilder. This map has a large lake and dam on it, but, you can...


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Mini Mods The Elven Alliance Beta

Warning, this file is an exe file fully tested by me, it is safeand secure, the author did not prudce a zip file and i apologize for that....


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Multiplayer Pinch Point Megawars

Here is a map I just made. I know barely any of you play BfME anymore, but I thought that you might want to try this map. It's a modded map...


Multiplayer Battle of Rivendel

Frodo has failed in his mission, and Middle Earth is being overun by Sauron. Rivendell, being much more protected than Lothlorien, is the la...


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Multiplayer Mountain Road

This is the mountain road. Fight your way up with your friends. Top Right must be Isengard comp. Sorry again no screenshots.


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Multiplayer Siege For Noldor

Multiplayer map only. Sry for no screenshots,but i ensure you, this map is cool. Have fun (there are few bugs i will fix this)


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Multiplayer The Hill Wars

This Hill is the hill of fire, where men and orcs fought for more than thousand years. Enjoy.


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Multiplayer The Ancient Elven City

This Ancient city was built by elves and is now attacked by orcs. Will you defend the city or destroy it? Made by Saramire. ( The upload pre...


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Multiplayer The Battle For The Great Desert

Its a 4 player map with 7500 command points and unlimited money and the battle field is a desert. Everyone dowload please before giving feed...


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Multiplayer Mist Mountains

This map can be intense and challenging depends on the factions you choose and the starting position. For normal play, one of the factions h...


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Replays Replay: Sou1 v moose gondor v rohan

DivA|Sou1-Gondor Vs. {EWM} Haiku-Rohan Map: Fords of ISen Version: 1.03 DivA|Sou1-Gondor: Bo: 2 farms, Pippin Farm, F...


Multiplayer The Unnamed City

Long Time Not seen; Ladies and gentlemen here is a B4ME1 Fortress map :s :D Well this unnamed city was built by Men, attacked by Orcs bu...


Multiplayer Ridge Wars

This map is pretty basic, except that it has two ridges running next to the castles. From here, your enemy's artillery can bombard half of...


Multiplayer The hidden Pass

Isengard has found a hidden pass through the white mountains and they are attack a gondor city on the river lefnui.


Multiplayer Battle for the village 15

A 2 on 2 battle of a village being attacked by mordor. You start off with some men on each team, but mordor starts off with more than the de...


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Multiplayer Circus Maximus

An Exciting map where you choose units, then fight them in a Colloseum! It slightly resembles ringwars, Slightly Resembles Grand Arena, but...


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Multiplayer Skirmish Map

This is a simple 1v1 map where the wargs attack the rohan convoy on their way to helms deep.


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Mini Mods Accurate/Fast Paced Mod

This is a simple mod which changes some stuff and in my opinoin makes the game more accurate and fun (how to install is in bold at the botto...


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Multiplayer Slaughter

8 Player Battle Map. Each Player starts on a Island, with one Outpost. In the Middle Guards CreepArmys with full Updates. They Build own Bui...


Multiplayer Valley Keep Seige

Many settled keeps in this valley have always been in peace, till the treasures of the ancients was revealed, now there is war!


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Tools and Utilities XCC Mixer

Allows you to open the various .big files located in your B4ME folder.


Map Packs Steve Campen Map Pack

Steve Campen AKA High Elven Lord, is probably one of the best mappers ever, and his maps prove it. I'm not good with specific names but th...


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Mini Mods Troll Hero Weapon Fix Mod

This mod fixes the Troll Create A Hero Weapons so that they do area effect and knockback damage just like a normal troll (enemies fly in the...


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Replays Replay: victoire v teamhq

A great match up see who wins!


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Replays Replay: isengard mirror

A great isengard mirror they can't stop attacking each other don't blink or you'll miss it !


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Replays Replay: stridah v pilbots

Pilbots are out and fighting he can't stop wining see who wins out of this one!


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Replays Replay: 4v4 first v grom cw

Again a 4v4 grom v first another hot prospect for a match!


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Replays Replay:Dinn v major

These guys just can't stop fighting each other see who wins out of these two!


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Replays Replay: a v diva

Diva are at it again see what happens againt A.


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Replays Replay:sou1 v shanghai

Shanghai is on fire with 5 wins in a row see if sou1 beats him!


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Replays Replay:pilbots v inub

A good game well worth the watch!


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Replays Replay: ip v woc cw

A great cw think about 4v4!!! lol you won't be able to keep up!


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Replays Replay:major v kiltec

A great replay well worth watching!


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Replays Replay:ikings v diva

This is for version 1.02 only, a great game worth watching a great clanwar!


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Replays Replay: Wise major v Dinn

this is 2 matches of Wise major v Dinn an excellent 2 games enjoy it!


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v1.03 Battle for Middle-earth v1.03 Patch - Chinese Simplified

New patch for Battle for Middle-earth, updating the Lord of the Rings RTS game to version 1.03. The manual patches are only necessary if the...


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v1.03 Battle for Middle-earth v1.03 Patch - Chinese Traditional

New patch for Battle for Middle-earth, updating the Lord of the Rings RTS game to version 1.03. The manual patches are only necessary if the...


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v1.03 Battle for Middle-earth v1.03 Patch - Dutch

New patch for Battle for Middle-earth, updating the Lord of the Rings RTS game to version 1.03. The manual patches are only necessary if the...


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v1.03 Battle for Middle-earth v1.03 Patch - English

New patch for Battle for Middle-earth, updating the Lord of the Rings RTS game to version 1.03. The manual patches are only necessary if the...