LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth

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Multiplayer Mist Mountains

This map can be intense and challenging depends on the factions you choose and the starting position. For normal play, one of the factions h...


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Replays Replay: Sou1 v moose gondor v rohan

DivA|Sou1-Gondor Vs. {EWM} Haiku-Rohan Map: Fords of ISen Version: 1.03 DivA|Sou1-Gondor: Bo: 2 farms, Pippin Farm, F...


Multiplayer The Unnamed City

Long Time Not seen; Ladies and gentlemen here is a B4ME1 Fortress map :s :D Well this unnamed city was built by Men, attacked by Orcs bu...


Multiplayer Ridge Wars

This map is pretty basic, except that it has two ridges running next to the castles. From here, your enemy's artillery can bombard half of...


Multiplayer The hidden Pass

Isengard has found a hidden pass through the white mountains and they are attack a gondor city on the river lefnui.


Multiplayer Battle for the village 15

A 2 on 2 battle of a village being attacked by mordor. You start off with some men on each team, but mordor starts off with more than the de...


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Multiplayer Circus Maximus

An Exciting map where you choose units, then fight them in a Colloseum! It slightly resembles ringwars, Slightly Resembles Grand Arena, but...


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Multiplayer Skirmish Map

This is a simple 1v1 map where the wargs attack the rohan convoy on their way to helms deep.


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Mini Mods Accurate/Fast Paced Mod

This is a simple mod which changes some stuff and in my opinoin makes the game more accurate and fun (how to install is in bold at the botto...


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Multiplayer Slaughter

8 Player Battle Map. Each Player starts on a Island, with one Outpost. In the Middle Guards CreepArmys with full Updates. They Build own Bui...


Multiplayer Valley Keep Seige

Many settled keeps in this valley have always been in peace, till the treasures of the ancients was revealed, now there is war!


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Tools and Utilities XCC Mixer

Allows you to open the various .big files located in your B4ME folder.


Map Packs Steve Campen Map Pack

Steve Campen AKA High Elven Lord, is probably one of the best mappers ever, and his maps prove it. I'm not good with specific names but th...


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Mini Mods Troll Hero Weapon Fix Mod

This mod fixes the Troll Create A Hero Weapons so that they do area effect and knockback damage just like a normal troll (enemies fly in the...


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Replays Replay: victoire v teamhq

A great match up see who wins!


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Replays Replay: isengard mirror

A great isengard mirror they can't stop attacking each other don't blink or you'll miss it !


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Replays Replay: stridah v pilbots

Pilbots are out and fighting he can't stop wining see who wins out of this one!


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Replays Replay: 4v4 first v grom cw

Again a 4v4 grom v first another hot prospect for a match!


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Replays Replay: a v diva

Diva are at it again see what happens againt A.


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Replays Replay:sou1 v shanghai

Shanghai is on fire with 5 wins in a row see if sou1 beats him!