Battlefield 1942

Fight your way to victory in the most intense battles of World War II. Choose your weapon and then jump into a raging firefight. From bazookas to battleships, a massive arsenal is at your disposal. Co...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Intensity DylandBass 120.75MB 40
The Battle of Australia WWIIAustrailianTroop 3.75MB 24
Cuba Jaja69 19.58MB 24
Brest ryham 86.1MB 95
Grasslands (Not Super Mario) Jaja69 4.65MB 24
River xd56 5.47MB 24
Island xd56 4.79MB 22
Town xd56 14.37MB 25
Qom Jaja69 9.35MB 24
Happy Saint Patrick's Day Map Jaja69 2.82MB 31
Villagelife mtkilla 13.24MB 69
Sonic The Hegehog Fun Jaja69 5.22MB 10
Red Sky joehanson 38.29MB 96
The Winter Battle WWIIAustrailianTroop 2.64MB 64
Hill 500 revisited ToxicMule 9.09MB 96
BattleFeel 1942 BattleFeel 3.02MB 65
bf42mappack_spacehoshiV1 spacehoshi 55.61MB 355
Fragfield (Installer) RussianComrade 48.24MB 258
Fragfield (Non-Installer) RussianComrade 66.59MB 48
The Island Jaja69 24.98MB 103
The Cold War In Japan Jaja69 200KB 52
Grand Prix xd56 2.67MB 46
BattleFeel 1942 Anthology BattleFeel 36.74MB 153
FHSW "Ratte" Heavy Tank Wallpaper Teuvo 397KB 53
Woodbury CT Ethan09 244KB 46
Super Mario World Jaja69 478KB 93
SnipeCat94'mulriplayer demo mod SnipeCat94 1.01MB 43
Rolling Thunder RussianComrade 14.7MB 206
Beach Party RussianComrade 7.18MB 318
Outpost II md1032 27.28MB 46
Custom Berlin #2, screen shot WWIIAustrailianTroop 227KB 77
Joes Reinforcements joehanson 21.76MB 201
BattleFeel 1942 Anthology BattleFeel 23.41MB 398
Map Pack for BattleFeel 1942 Anthology v1.01 BattleFeel 78.43MB 193
Need For Speed 3: Home Town Jaja69 3.25MB 89
Firefly Mini_mod/Map Pack Part 2 Rdc_Firefly 145.43MB 214
Firefly Mini_mod/Map Pack Part 1 Rdc_Firefly 155MB 213
Woodbury CT Jaja69 204KB 41
Custom/realistic Berlin map WWIIAustrailianTroop 5.33MB 184
Custom/realistic Berlin map WWIIAustrailianTroop 21.04MB 95
Vanawatu Jaja69 5.01MB 52
TLB Air Race mod Just Kidding Productions 36.14MB 139
TLB Knife Fight map Just Kidding Productions 7.01MB 124
Xmas on the Battlefield Sherman_M4 9.69MB 291
Hilltop Outpost RussianComrade 4.12MB 381
Mobius F-15 & MiG-29 RussianComrade 1.26MB 68
BattleFeel 1942 Anthology BattleFeel 57.51MB 420
Sunrise Harbor joehanson 16.92MB 287
BattleGroup 42 Client Patch Battlegroup 42: Pacific Devs 308.01MB 374
CUSTOM BF1942 REAL IWO JIMA WWIIAustrailianTroop 15.75MB 231