10th Annual PC Gamer Awards- BF1942 wins big!!!

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Well this is something that has been out for a while BUT NOT EVERYONE HAS SEEN IT, so stay off. Uncle has been waiting to post this for a while for his nieces and nephews and it seems like now is a perfect time to. I just wish I didn't have to type this all out :(. Well here are the awards and mentions Battlefield 1942 and its mods had: BEST EXPANSION PACK: Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome "From the storm-shrouded charnel house of Monte Cassino to the bitterly contested landings of Operation Husky, this dramatic and detailed expansion pack introduced some classic new conflicts to our 2002 Game of the Year. With a focus on smaller maps and louder, deadlier battles, Road to Rome added plenty of grim-and-gritty mayhem to an already spectacular game design. Boasting some of the most atmospheric maps of the whole series, it hit on all levels." -Dan Morris BEST MULTIPLAYER GAME: Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome "The folks at Digital Illusions faced a huge task in trying to improve upon Battlefield 1942[i], but [i]Road to Rome[i] proved to be a more than worthy addition. The six new maps are simply terrific - with the highlights being the battle-strewn beaches of Operation Husky and the ravaged slopes of Monte Cassino - and each offers a unique spin on [i]Battlefield's patented multiplayer mayhem. If you love multiplayer gaming, you must play this expansion pack." -William Harms BEST MOD: Eve of Destruction "While Battlefield Vietnam was still a twinkle in its developers' eyes, this standout mod debuted to a rapturous reception from the Battlefield 1942 faithful. Eve of Destruction provides Vietnam War scenarios filled with high-speed fighters, the whup-whup of Huey helicopters, and the chaotic feel of Southeast Asia. Even the designers at Digital Illusions gave the mod its props, realizing that it forced them to hurdle a much higher bar set for their own upcoming retail release of Battlefield Vietnam. With napalm strikes, chopper raids, and guerrilla warfare, EoD has already blazed the trail." -Dan Morris Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons won Runner-up for Best Expansion Pack Fellow WWII Games that won awards: RUNNER-UP for BEST GAME OF 2003: Call of Duty BEST ACTION GAME: Call of Duty BEST SIMULATION: IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles BEST TURN-BASED STRATEGY GAME: Combat Mission: Afrika Korps RUNNER UP for BEST TURN-BASED STRATEGY GAME: Korsun Pocket: Decisive Battles of WWII BEST VALUE: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory BEST USE OF AN AGING GRAPHICS ENGINE: Call of Duty (Quake III engine) BEST GAMING MOMENT: Call of Duty’s running up the hill in Stalingrad (tied with a SW: KOTOR moment) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic won BEST GAME OF 2003 (I agree) Also in another section of the magazine is a section titled "MODS!" In there they mention many mods including UT 2003's mod Troopers, and of course the mods Experience WWII, Home Front and Desert Combat. It looks like Battlefield 1942 hit a grand slam in this issue of PC Gamer. Here is what they had to say about our three mods: EXPERIENCE WWII: "At first glance, Experience WWII doesn't look all that different from regular Battlefield 1942. The changes, though, are quite substantial and directly impact how the game plays out. The primary aim of the mod is to make the gameplay more "historically accurate," and to that end the team is adding new vehicles and weapons, and tweaking some of the maps. The next version of Experience WWII, version 3.0, will feature new maps such as Operation Zitadelle. There's no release date for 3.0 yet, but as would be expected, all of the additions to the mod, particularly the maps, will reflect historical battles. In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest version, v. 2.4. HOME FRONT: "Although the site describes Home Front as a sci-fi-themed mod, make no mistake - it is Battlefield Halo. The units, weapons, and vehicles are closely modeled after those in Bungie's fabled shooter, such as the Warthog and the Banshee, but it's all wrapped up in familiar BF 1942 goodness. Some tweaking still needs to be done, especially with how the Warthog handles, but for the most part the action is fast and ferocious. If you want some good old-fashioned futuristic BF 1942, check out Home Front." DESERT COMBAT "We've mentioned Desert Combat before, but it's worth repeat coverage: with the possible exception of Eve of Destruction, this mod is arguably the most popular one for Battlefield 1942. Featuring all-new, modern-era weapons and vehicles, Desert Combat is set in the white-hot conflict zone of the Middle East and pits the United States against Iraq. Nearly every front-line American vehicle is featured here, including the Abrams M1A1, the MRLS, the A-10, and the AC-130 gunship. On the other side, the T-72, SCUD launcher, and the Hind Attack Helicopter. This mod is popular for a reason - it kicks major ass." Well all that and more is in the current March 2004 issue of PC Gamer. It also includes the most recent build of EoD and the patch (not the 1.6 compliance patch though), it's very useful for people with 56k (like your Uncle) that can't download the whole thing. Well Uncle's hands hurt A LOT now from writing all of that. I have to go propose now :\. Well I hope all my nieces and nephews enjoyed this update. I'll try to post pics of all the vehicles mentioned in this post. Until the Uncle Update, see ya!
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