21st Century Warfare Wants You!

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Published by AndrewD 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hello soldiers! I have an awesome update from the 21CW team today! I will let them explain! Read on soldiers! [quote] Fight epic 12-hour-battles every weekend on fast 50-player-servers. Meet dedicated and skilled players from all around the world. Be part of highly organized divisions with specialized companies and their own airforce. Make your way in the chain of command. Follow commands, give orders – and get the job done! 21st Century Warfare also provides you with a bunch of new maps. Face the enemy in close infantry battles in urban areas, form up heavy armour columns in large open deserts and jump out of hovering choppers in green valleys. You also get the Total War minimod that keeps the balance and adds special features. Mark targets with signal smoke, set up ambushes with nearly invisible mines, infiltrate enemy bases with silenced weapons, drive Iraqi commando vehicles, provide covering fire with the M 60 or unleash a rain of death with many new artillery pieces. But it´s not only the battles that make 21st Century Warfare as addictive as it is, it´s also the community. Get help from the veterans in every possible situation, meet your comrades on TeamSpeak all around the clock and share whatever you have to share in the administrated forums. Get orders for the upcoming battles in the beginning of the week and work on your targets with your buddies in training sessions from company to division level. Just play Desert Combat as its meant to be played. I have been a member of this tournament for all of the campaigns. The level of play is miles beyond any public server or clan match. If you want a dedicated, military simulation, 21st Century Warfare is the place for you. [/quote] Well, that is it! Get over to their site and sign up people! Do it now! Thanks for the update 21CW! Good luck! See everyone on the battlefield!
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