A new mod called "Fallshirmjager42's Particle Fest"

19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hello everyone, this is Captain_Hastings. A pretty cool new mini-mod has come to my attention and I think it's pretty cool, so check it out! "Hi fellows! Well, I always liked bf1942, but after playing a couple of years, I was tired of watching just flashes as explosions! So I’m making an AWESOME particle effects Mod that changes ALL the default bf1942 effects into a whole new experience! There will be a version for Forgotten Hope, Battlegroup, and of course one for the common Bf1942. Every other mod will have every improved particle effects; unless they have done their own effects. Players will see from giant flame balls, bullet impacts, body hit puffs, tanks dust, planes and land vehicles explosions, to amazing dirt, snow, and desert explosions. There will be much more debris and smoke from tanks and artillery hits too. I added some other great changes like automatic reloading for all weapons; tank ruins stay longer, with burning animations and other great changes. Well I hope it’s ready soon; I am working and improving it everyday. Here are some fresh screens!!! Any ideas or recommendations PLEASE mail me at “[email protected]” or just add me at the messenger. Well that’s all folks! I’ll see you on the front! Fallshirmjager42" Okay so there you go. Thanks Fallshirmjager42!

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