ATC For BF1942 Version 1.2 Released!

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If you are in a clan and you partcipate in matches then you have probably heard about a program called ATC. It allows multiple clients to connect to a server and make stratagies for BF1942 maps with many useful tools. The creators of this program have finally released their latest version and it promises many new changes to the already popular program. Check it out,
Foolish Entertainment proudly presents the updated version of Advanced Tactical Center for Battlefield 1942. With over 20.000 downloads and over 200 clans using Advanced Tactical Center from all over the world, creating tactics for online games has never been so easy and practical! Get all your team mates connected to your online session and create vivid, detailed tactics together surely to increase your clans performance. The wide selection of tools included offers your clan the control to grasp the tactic easily and evolving them together in real time! Advanced Tactical Center for Battlefield 1942 has been re-designed and re-coded much according to the wishes of the Battlefield 1942 clans, in order to give the clans an even better experience and even greater power to create and discuss tactics with the clan mates! • Extremely easy too use. Create detailed tactics within minutes. • A wide selection of tools to create tactics with. • Great overview pictures of the 21 official maps in Battlefield 1942. • Connect with up to 16 team mates on a dedicated or listen server. • Connect with your team to the game server from ATC. • Add your own custom made pictures. • Download and try, completely free! Download ATC for Battlefield 1942 (v.1.2) Download ATC for Battlefield 1942 (v.1.2)
This should please many clans out there although I am dissapointed to see no support for any of the popular mods out there.
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