Battlefield 1942 Community Update!

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We have some great news from EA today concerning their latest BF1942 community update. They have details on the Tournameny Mappack being made for BF1942 by members of the community. Read on,
1.28.05 - Community Update Tournament Map Pack Sneak Peak Part 2 Just before Christmas we revealed in this space the first two maps in a four-map tournament map pack being produced for Battlefield 1942 by some renowned members of our community. Today we are pleased to be able to provide details on the remaining maps, The Great Pursuit and Operation Forager. See below for details on each of the maps. The Great Pursuit Background: The turning point of the war on the Eastern Front came about when the Axis forces lost the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Up until this point, Operation Barbarossa (the German codename for the invasion of the Soviet Union) had proven very successful, as German forces penetrated deep into the Soviet Union at an alarming rate. However, due to the harsh weather conditions during winter and the immense pressure on the German war-machine -- which had been at war for a full three year period and lay stretched across three continents -- the German army began to reel. Sensing weakness, the Red Army set in motion an operation of gargantuan size. Hoping to purge the Motherland of the invading Germans, the Red Army began an operation designed to push the German army all the way back to their frontiers. This movement of troops has become known as The Great Pursuit. Set-Up: This assault map starts with the Axis forces spread out in two defense lines that overlook a railroad and a road leading up to a river. Several Pak40 guns cover the whole area of advancement in defense of the 1st line. The Russians approach the defenses with a well-equipped tank force and a "Stalin Organ" that will allow for strategic artillery fire. Operation Forager Operation Forager Background: After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the US quickly declared war and joined the Second World War. Japan's naked aggression required an armed response. The war against Japan raged throughout the South Pacific, with the US employing tactics that came to be known as "Island Hopping". By moving from island to island, securing only areas that would prove strategically important, the US hoped eventually to capture and hold islands that could operate as land bases for long-range bombers capable of striking the Japanese Home Islands (and Tokyo). One such operation, one which included the conquest of Saipan, was called Operation Forager. Set-Up: This Head-to-Head map takes place on an unmarked island in the South Pacific. The USMC and the Japanese Army both start combat holding remote fishing huts on opposite sides of a mountain ridge, leading out to a village and harbor situated on the point. The village contains two control points, one on each end of the "main street". A third control point is found on a small island that is removed from the mainland by a shallow lagoon. Patrol boats will play a critical role during play, allowing each side to advance quickly to the island control point.
Well that about wraps up this update from EA. I'm really looking forward to trying out these new maps. Great update EA!
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