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Published by AndrewD 16 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hey there soldiers! I am the narrarator dude, speaking for all of those that play battlefield, and, for some that, well, quite frankly...can't...:(...ANYWAYS! Welcome back for another edition of the Weekly Insider! Now for your hard working host...DDDandrew!
Ahhh, yes, thankyou narrarator guy! I very much appreciate it! Anyways, yes, welcome to the 3rd Volume of the Battlefield Files Weekly Insider. We seem to have skipped about 2 weeks, so I hope that you didnt miss it that much. I have been on vacation, and I am leaving AGAIN tommorow! More on that in a few minutes. Lets get started... There were quite a few big updates and releases this week. I think that I will go the [distance and cover them all. But first, lets look at some events in the very near future, and some that are happening now...
New Website Opens...
Ok, so its old news now, but yes, we have opened our new website theme! As you may have noticed, we now fully support Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 news! Yup, you heard me right. Theoretically, that makes us the internets largest resource for Battlefield 2 news, files, and updates! HOOAH! When we opened the new site, we displayed an interview from DICE. Battlefield 2 Files interviewed Sean Decker, with questions that YOU, the community, asked him. You can read that interview HERE!
Going on another vacation tommorow...
WHICH MEANS! Respect the admins, which will be 0ne, and anyone that he decides to have take the podium while I am gone. I will leave FRIDAY July 2nd, and return around the 7th. Please respect all rules while I am gone, and have the same fun you are now.
Ok, there were too many, so I am just going to list them...enjoy!
  • Opens for Buisness: Read about it HERE!
  • Official Server Opens for Free Rental: Read about it HERE!
  • Silent Heroes Co-Op Support Released: Read about it HERE!
  • 5 new Battlefield 2 Screenshots Released: Displayed Below!
There were a whole lot of large file releases this week, so like the news, I will just list them. Enjoy!
  • Battlefield Balistik Mod Released: Download it HERE!
  • Professional Idiots 2 Released: Download it HERE!
  • The Great War .15b Patch Released: Download it HERE!
  • Silent Heroes Co-Op Mod: Download it HERE!
Official Server Runs Forgotten Hope .61!
Yup, thats right, we now run Forgotten Hope .61! Why you ask? Well, over the past few months, the FH team has put out amazing updates for their news, and have also provided the community with the most comprehensive, full, and detailed realism mod yet. We here at feel that we need to show how great this mod really is. So, here is the server status, and below that, you will find the 3 downloads for Forgotten Hope! Enjoy!
NOTE: You need to download the .61 patch to play on the server! I would like to welcome our 2 new staff...Captain_Hastings and Silent Killer1 (I think I got your name wrong...I will fix it soon :)). (OK I FIXED IT!!!) They will be conducting mod, community, and website interviews for you! Kudos to them, and thanks! Well, unfortunatly, I was swamped this week, so I had no time to full-fill the Clan of the Week, Staff of the Week, or Player of the Week. SORRY! BUT! If you have someone that you think needs to be recognized, email me at and tell me who! I will put their name below on this post. This goes for clans and staff as well! Thanks! Wow, I just did alot of typing. That about covers everything for this week. I will be back before Friday next week to do the next update, so stay on the lookout! Below, you will find the five latest Battlefield 2 Screenshots for your eye-candy pleasure! See ya on the battlefield soldiers!
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