Battlefield Forgotten Hope Portable Released

By Catch-Me-If-You-Can 4 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Portable was made by [PFT] Polish Fighting Team.

The great tactical World War II shooter game battlefield 1942, published in 2002, and its even more greater mod Forgotten Hope 0.7 got a new version: Forgotten Hope Portable. The new standalone version of forgotten hope 0.7 enables you to play this mod without installing Battlefield 1942. So the mod is now the game itself. And the original vanilla Battlefield is included already!

If you are a big Battlefield enthusiast, or you like to play without circumstances a free World War Two tactical shooter, you are well served here! Very low system requirements, HD resolution, a 128 slots server (the only real FH server left inside the Forgotten Hope community), over 250 maps, and a still existing strong community with 1500 members are only some reasons to give this retro game a chance! The graphic might be not comparable to the newest battlefield games BUT the graphic is not everything and a lot better on Forgotten Hope maps comparing to the original battlefield 1942 maps. The modding team of the Polish Fighting Team (PFC) put a lot effort in it and worked 14 years on that master piece. 

Forgotten Hope is the biggest mod expansion ever created for a world war game out there and is well known as “The battlefield how it-should be”. You have to search a lot to find war equipment, vehicles, or historical correct battles which are not included in this game. But without the Polish Fighting Team, this legendary mod would be dead by now. They still providing a server, supply players with great events like the D-Day event on 6th of June. And they have a great own ranking system. Everyone gets help very fast on the forum. A new website for newbies was created in September 2019 and they even have a Discord server now. 

But what is the big difference to the vanilla game Battlefield 1942? We recommend playing the mods of Battlefield instead of the vanilla game itself. Battlefield 1942 is only the backbone, a very basically game. Forgotten Hope is a lot more realistic with an aiming that does not forgive mistakes. The damage and deadliness of shots, no matter if players using tanks, planes, ships or shooting guns, is a lot higher. So it is not like an action shooter, more like a hide and seek on defending and capturing flags with your team. Once you are visible on the battlefield you can be shot very easy from any far distance if your opponent is a good aimer. Like in real war! The sounds of all weapons are real realistic recorded sounds. And the game is incredible detailed to reproduce a real war feeling. For example: You will find usable searchlights on a map called Pegasus D-Day where allies have to land gliders first to take a flag inside the dark. There are real realistic clouds and swimming sharks on the map called raid-on-midway. And you have to use floatplane with water bombs to destroy enemy ships. That’s only one example of thousand! You have to discover it by yourself! 

Forgotten Hope Portable allows you to add other mods like battlefield 1918 (which is still played by now) and also FHSW (Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons) a mod of the mod forgotten hope. You will not be able to play battlefield 1942 but if you want to, there are still people playing regular every day the vanilla game on some server. You can download it from the internet. 

For some reasons like the ending EA/DICE support and new windows versions which causes massive problems, a lot old player left the whole battlefield 1942 + mods area. But all this problems are solved now. You can use the newest 12 GB version of FH Portable on every Windows platform. And with this version you get all maps, also the custom maps of PFC. It is called portable because you don’t need to install it. You can extract the file to any USB sticks or portable hard drive and take it with you and start from that device. No other steps to do like installing fixes in a complicated way or changing compatibility mode. Just download and play (as administrator). Don’t worry, we have an installation manual on the new website.

With FH Portable we want to get old players back and attracting new players also at the same time. I am sure, the more gamers get to know about that the more will come back. And lot players are not satisfied with the newest battlefield V. It’s not enough content by now and the gameplay is too much action and insufficient tactical gameplay. If you can lower your expectations on gameplay graphic Forgotten Hope is THE game for you!

But make your own experience and join us on the battlefield! We are waiting for you! 

Greetings from player Catch-Me-If-You-Can, admin on pfc server.


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