Battlefield Stuntacular-The Movie has been released! Download it now!

By AndrewD 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hey there soldiers! BF Stuntacular has finally been released! You all saw the trailer a while back, now its time to watch the real thing! So sit back, relax, and get your favorite snack food! BF1942Files is proud to be the first to host [b]Battlefield Stuntacular-The Movie![/b] Here is what [b]Xanatos[/b] had to say: [quote] Finally! The time has come! Battlefield: Stuntacular - The Movie is finally released and available for download! If you've seen the trailer, you haven't seen anything yet. 8 minutes full of some of the most spectacular stunts ever. Including some that have been seen before, but done in more epic proportions, along with a ton of new, amazing stunts! A must see! Games used include Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat. NO "stunt" mods, gravity tweaks, or anything like that was used in the production. It's now available on BF1942files, so what are you waiting for? Get moving and see what you're missing out on! Check out the little website for it, at http://www.xtremegamesinc.com/xanatos/bfs/ if you want more information. [/quote] Wow, this sounds amazing, and now that I have posted it, I will definently be downloading it! So should you! Thanks for the early update, and we cant wait to see the movie! Here is the download link: [b]Battlefield Stuntacular-The Movie: CLICK HERE!!![/b] Go get it now soldiers! See ya on the battlefield!

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