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Published by Andron Taps 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


This is a detailed description of the new stuff in Battlegroup42's mod, please read and be sure to check out the mod itself here:)

As announced earlier, the Battlegroup42 team today releases version 1.5 of the Battlegroup42 mod. The new full build consists of three separate installer files which are downloadable from our download section and the links posted at the end of this news.


We are happy to be able to present our fans (and those who might become fans) the new version 1.5 of BG42. For almost half a year the team worked intensively on this new build, creating a fantastic mod with much new content, combining historical accuracy and fun even further. We´ve shown you most of the new content in past news so that today we point your attention to the changelog at the end of this news.

Our sincere thanks not only go out to our team members which put a lot of work, time, passion and a bit of craziness into Battlegroup42 1.5, but also to all the other supporters like DACV and Dnamro for their Coop versions for some maps.

Big thanks also go out to the BF fansites and other sites hosting our mod, especially, and, for providing mirrors and a platform for the BF community. We´d also like to thank the MOB Clan (especially [MOB] Apollo) for providing the game and ftp server. And last but not least we´d like to thank YOU, the gamers and fans. The faithfulness you are showing for our mod is the reason for us to work on this mod and continueing it in the future.

That´s right, the team is already planning for version 1.6 which will put the emphasis on the integration of additional armies. Although we took great care to avoid bugs in the new release there might be some left, so therefore we kindly ask you to post any bugs you may encounter in 1.5 in our forum at

We would also be happy about new team members which could support us in modeling, skinning and creating animations. If you are interested please apply for membership in the BG42 forum.

Now there´s only one thing left: To wish you a lot of fun with Battlegroup42. The MOB server ( is already running 1.5 - we invite you to try the mod there online.

For possible problems with the installation of the mod please check the installations hints in the BG42 forum.

============================================================================== Changelog:

BG42: THE HISTORICAL ACCURACY AND TEAMPLAY MOD FOR BF1942 =========================================================

Hardware Requirements/Performance Tips:

- We strongly recommend at least 1024MB RAM and a video card with at least 128MB RAM and a CPU with at least 2 GHz

- Do not try to play online with a connection speed lower than DSL/Cable.

- Close ALL unneeded background applications which are using bandwith and/or memory, like file-sharing programs, file managers, e-mail programs, browsers etc. Make as much RAM available as possible.

- Check your ingame graphics and sound settings. Reduce the sound quality and screen resolution if necessary.

- defrag your complete hard disk at least once a month

- Battlegroup42 1.4 and following builds only run with 44kHz setting, 11 and 22 kHz are no longer supported, mainly for reasons of mod size and the fact that even "cheap" onboard sound chips can handle 44kHz without problems.


Battlegroup42 1.5 Full Client - 3rd of November 2008



- reworked version of stalingrad (Conquest only) -> added MG34 kits in german base, exchanged some statics, placed MG34 and Maxim M1910 mgs

- reworked version of aberdeen (Conquest only) -> added statics, converted map to push map, changed some vehicle spawns, new loadscreen and ingame map

- fixed Objective Mode on 4207-intruder_mission

- added Objective Mode to 4406-pointe_du_hoc

- added Objective Mode to 4410-clash_on_surigao (removed Conquest mode)

- added Objective Mode to 4411-operation_infatuate

- added Coop to 4112-kalinin_front (made by Dnamro)

- added Coop to 4306-operation_corkscrew (made by DACV)

- added Coop to 4307-prokhorovka

- added Coop to 4408-carpathian_defense (made by Dnamro)

- added Coop to 4412_ghost-front (made by DACV)

- added Coop to 4502-carpathian_winter (made by Dnamro)

- added Coop to 4503-alps (made by Dnamro)

- added missing lightmaps on 4302-kharkov_winter

- added missing lightmaps on 4407-barkmanns_corner

- removed some vehicles and statics on 4504-the_facility to increase performance

- moved soldierspawns in axis base on 4504-the_facility behind cover to avoid spawnkilling from outside the base.

- removed Push Mode from 4106-halfaya_pass

- removed parachutes from 4106-halfaya_pass

- changed Katyusha to BM-8-24 on the following maps:

-> 4107-dnieper_river -> 4111-rostov -> kharkov -> kursk

- added BM-8-24 to 4112-kalinin_front

- added two sFH-18 to 4112-kalinin_front

- added BM-8-24 to 4302-kharkov_winter

- new loadscreens for "no parachute" maps

- changed British to Australians on Tobruk

- changed 25 pounder to Ordonance BL 6in 26cwt Howitzer on Tobruk

- changed M2A1 howitzer to M115 8inch on 4504-volkssturm

- changed M2A1 howitzer battery to M115 8inch on 4409-nuenen

- change Katyusha battery to ML-20 battery on 4307-prokhorovka

- removed SBD and P-38L spawner on northern airfield on 4409-operation_stalemate

- changed one F4U spawn to P-38J on the southern airfield on 4409-operation_stalemate

- changed POW to Essex on 4409-operation_stalemate

- changed Enterprise to Essex on 4701-antarctica

- added V1 launcher on 4701-antarctica

- changed Panzer IV D to Panzer 38(t) on 4005-grebbeberg

- changed Panzer II to Panzer 38(t) on 4111-rostov

- changed SdKfz 231 to Panzer 38(t) on 4107-dnieper_river

- changed HA-19 to Type B1 on 4408-angaur

- changed HA-19 to Type B1 on 4409-operation_stalemate

- changed HA-19 to Type B1 on 4410-clash_on_surigao

- changed HA-19 to Type B1 on Guadalcanal

- changed HA-19 to Type B1 on Midway

- fixed some Coop bugs on 4212-tebourba_breakthrough and 4212-tigers_at_tebourba (thanks to miopalmo)


- removed chutes from kits used on "no parachute" maps.

- all medics got smoke grenades

- added smoke mortar to:

Matilda (both versions) Daimler M4 Sherman

- fixed the exploding seamine on Elco 80 (big thanks go out to Lotte from EoD mod who had the solution to this problem)

- fixed the missing engine sound of the Type 38

- fixed the missing torpedo sounds

- improved the flying physics of Ki-61, F4F Wildcat and Martlet (thanks go out to Edke)

- recoded dual MG 81 to have two projectile positions

- added special Coop version of Bishop (BishopCoop)

- increased cover value (for AI) for some vehicles from 2 to 4

- fixed the british gunsight

- japanese vessels have slightly more powerful torpedoes now

- recoded Sub VII C, added Deckgun (correct gun will follow in later builds), changed turret decal

- added MinDamage and Range settings to Pistols, SMGs and LMGs

- moved the Cromwell´s turret to correct position

- added two 7,7mm machine guns to the B5N1 Kate

- added "invisible" machine gun to the Defiant to get bots to fly the plane

- changed single bofors aa guns to dual aa guns on all american carriers

New content:


- new Panzer II model and skins, model made by Koricus, skins made by Tha Godfather, tracks converted by Bommel, code and animations by Sarge31FR

- BM-8-24

- Panzer 38(t)

- new Crusader I model and skin, made by Nimrod6

- new Crusader II, made by Nimrod6

- new Crusader III model and skin, made by Nimrod6

- new Crusader III AA Mk II, made by Nimrod6

- Centaur IV CS (95mm howitzer version of Cromwell), new gunbarrel made by Bommel

- Type 97 Chi-Ha 120mm (s) SP

- japanese tank gunsight, made by Sarge Surfat

- SdKfz 182 Tiger II with Porsche turret

- ZIS-5 truck, replaces the Studebaker as transport and gun tractor (from BGF)

- ZIS-6 truck (from BGF)

- Dodge WC-54 ambulance (from Men of Duty mod)

- Opel Maultier (two versions, transport and gun tractor)

- 37mm 61-K M1939 AA gun (from BGF)

- new "Long Tom" artillery made by Nimrod6 (better model, new skin, new code)

- Ordonance BL 6in 26cwt Howitzer from Bf 1918 (recoded, new wheels)

- M115 8inch howitzer made by Nimrod6

- useable V1 rocket

- new ZIS-3 model and skin (from BGF)

- quad Bofors 40mm for Ships

- dual Model 96 24mm aa gun

- Browning M1917 machine gun, made by RuppDee

- Type B1 japanese submarine (model and skin by Cabrio, code by Sarge3FR)

- USS Essex

- USS Washington (model and skin made by Cabrio, code by Sarge31FR)

- completely recoded Yamato (24 x 25mm triple AA guns, 12 x 127mm dual guns, 2 Aichi E13A waterplanes), reworked mesh made by Bommel, code by Sarge31FR

- new main gun barrels (model and skin made by Cabrio)

- completely recoded King George V. (added four quad Bofors 40mm aa guns, separated aa guns from artillery)

- completely recoded Taiho carrier ( 4 x 25mm dual AA guns, 2 x 100mm artillery)

- new Schnellboot in two versions (depthcharges and seamines), made by Cabrio, code by Sarge31FR

- Aichi E13A "Jake" waterplane

- Bf 110 G-2/R4

- F4F-3S Wildcatfish (placeholder for the OS2U Kingfisher)

- Fokker D.XXI (a kind donation of Finnwars mod, many thanks go out to you guys!)

- Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat

- edited B5N1 hull, done by Bommel

- reworked Ju-52/3m g7e (three mg positions added, fuselage changes made by Bommel)

- Yakovlev Yak-9TD

- Kawasaki Ki-61-I-Tei

- SC50, SC250 and SC500 bombs (from BGF)

- FAB-100 bomb (from BGF)

- new british bomb mesh and skin, made by Sarge31FR

- new american bomb mesh and skin, made by Sarge31FR

- new japanese bomb mesh and skin, made by Geronimo|Ger


- 4005-airfield_ockenburg, original map by Tsjernobyl, reworked by Sarge Surfat

- 4211-stalingrad_factories, made by Moeder Theresa

- 4309-aces_over_italy, made by Sarge Surfat, Coop made by Bommel

- 4311-across_the_reef, made by Sarge Surfat

- 4406-st_mere_eglise, original map by wouter1988, reworked by Sarge Surfat

- 4505-shuri_line, made by Sarge Surfat


- new SVT40 mesh and skin (from BGF)

- SVT40 sniper

- new k98 mesh and skin (from BGF)

- new Mosing Nagant mesh and skin (from BGF)

- reskinned M1 Carbine, done by Dauntless

- RGD-33 grenade (from BGF)

- Thompson with 50 rounds drum mag

- new PzB 39 model and skin, made by RuppDee

- new Boys model and skin, made by RuppDee

- new RPzB. 54 model, made by RuppDee

- new Type 97 AT rifle model and skin, made by RuppDee

- FN Browning Model 1910/22, made by RuppDee. Replaces the Ruby for dutch and french troops

- Colt Single Action, made by RuppDee

- new early US Rifleman kit (with Springfield M1903A1 instead of M1 Garand)

- Owen submachine gun, made by RuppDee


- new cockpit textures, made by RuppDee

- new Tetrarch skin

- new Thunderbolt skin for 4309-aces_over_italy


- new Betio bunkers for 4311-across_the_reef, meshes and skins made by Geronimo|Ger

- new japanese house, made by Spaetzle, skinned by Bommel

- romanic church (converted from Bf 1918, added channel 3 for lightmaps)


Mirrors: SERVER : CLIENT : Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

Have fun!

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