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The BattleGroup 42 mod have posted some news on their Navy

The BG42 team is greeting the community! Our release of 1.5 is getting closer and closer and it´s time to present you with another news about the things you can expect in the next version of Battlegroup42. To make sure that nothing of our enormous amount of new content is left out and gets its well earned attention we concentrate on the naval sector in this news.

There´s a lot going on in the naval sector of Battlegroup42, and therefore we begin with our biggest addition: The good old "Prince of Wales" has been retired - at least in american use. The US fleet will be strenghtened by a real american battleship in BG42 1.5, namely the USS Washington (BB-56). She was one of two vessels of the North Carolina class and was commissioned in May 1941. After a short service time in the northern Atlantic she was reassigned to the pacific theatre and participated in the operations around Guadalcanal. There she fought out a duel with the japanese battleship Kirishima, taking only minor damage, while the Kirishima was hit so badly that she was abandoned and sank one day later. Later the Washington participated in nearly every important operation of the US fleet in the Pacific, where she used her nine 16 inch guns mainly for artillery support during landing operations. She survived the war without losing a single crewmember in combat.

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